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  2. RealMadge

    Giveaway Dark Arceus Electric/Water Giveaway

    Results video -
  3. Hey guys if you want a chance at winning an arceus (electric/water) (dark) please watch the following video:
  4. RealMadge

    General Lunala Giveaway

    Hey guys all the instructions to enter is in the video-
  5. So guys heres another give away that I'm dolling out, ill be away for 5 days and the winner will be picked in a week: Goodluck! -
  6. Guys so theres a giveaway up on my youtube channel to apply just subscribe like the video and give in your in game name for a chance at a donation pokemon!
  7. Guys I'm doing a mewtwo giveaway on my youtube channel, if people want to enter all they have to do is subscribe, like the video and comment your in game name! Good luck! -
  8. So guys I've created a channel on pokemon vortex regarding giveaways as well as an ongoing series i recently started (account from scratch series). I was wondering if I could have a bit of support on it! I've been trying to get this up for a few months but i lacked skill in editing and all but now that I know how to actually makes videos somewhat probably I hope to entertain! So hopefully you'll all consider subscribing-