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  1. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Giveaway Legendary Pokemon Giveaway.

    I don't know what to say guys. No reason for me to play here, the owner and some of the known people here actually can't let new players to go any further. I've been banned on my totally legit account which he says himself too but has banned it because I've botted in my k24matteblack account with 800k exp on one Pokemon which I could not even received and was banned after 2 hours of playing. I played all legit on Nightmare808. I'm like one of the 2-3 people who found the mystic dratini level 5 female first and were about to finish the event but before I could I was banned on my legit account. I bet if you guys were there in the Crater days you would have liked it very well and I'm sure. No critics please I've come across very good people here. So, I'm here for a giveaway. I'm sure some of you would not want the pokemon from me as I'm against the 1 admin of this game (not the others). I've some of the legendary Pokemon. Who ever want it please write your IGN and I'll offer one legendary on your account.
  2. WTH man! why this time? I swear I haven't used any botting in this account. just go and check your records I have played all night to finish my mission 6 through sidequest I was about to finish the orange island and obtain the ribbon man. last time I admit I was wrong and without uttering a word after you told me I played again. Now, what? I played too hard to find the mystic dratini and then finish the side quest. Please go through my account again please its nightmare808. no botting is done I swear. Please it was too hard to find dratini. Please check your programme or anything.

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    2. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Were you both even trying to be funny? 

    3. GodsWithin


      No I was trying to be salty, I should probably take some cues from you tho shouldn't I?

    4. eurstin


      He wasn't trying to be funny, it just was :) 

  3. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for Dark Dialga Offering Metallic Reshiram
  4. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: ehs808 zero
  5. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Giveaway Mewtwo Set Giveaway

    liked and subscribed IGN: nightmare808
  6. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Giveaway Mystic Magearna GiveAway

    IGN: Nightmare808
  7. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    General Shiny Fairy Arceus Giveaway

    Liked and subscribed IGN: Nightmare808
  8. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    haha actually I'm an old player from the time of pokemoncrater. joined pokemonvortex in its early days then left it. I know and I can do everything here. joined this game again yesterday, but yeah just go through my profile its haisum808
  9. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    mind, asking for Togepi (Halloween) what do you want?
  10. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    can I have a look at your account?
  11. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    yeah what do you what for it? what do you want?
  12. Haisum Arif Sheikh

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I need a dark sableye. Any one have?