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  1. Art

    Shinx is in my Soul. My bae. <3
  2. Art

    @iZeus, Actually, I saw this: 1 : Two renders or 1 render or more than 2 And as far as I know, these can be included in the banner. He said "Renders", So I thought I should follow his rules/form since this is his thread. Exactly what I mean to say. Sorry if it caused any problem buds!
  3. Art

    Try...Probably, that's the only option.
  4. Answered

    No proof. No Witness. Not even a strong password. There isn't any Proof. So, nobody can believe you. It's just like a User comes up and says " Hey, Blackbeardt is my ign, someone scammed it and it's password was 8 ." Who'll believe. No witness to prove that you're telling the truth. Okay...Even if we agree that you're scammed, it's clearly your fault. People have been advised not to keep a Weak Password. Still, nobody would believe you're scammed. Any proof?
  5. Art

    Sure, Man. Just want to see how much you've worked on your Skills.
  6. Answered

    Then, how can your Account be "hacked"/scammed? Perhaps, that was becuase of the Easy Password?
  7. Answered

    To make people believe you, you must post some proof, prehaps a Screenshot of the chat. How did all this happen? Did you give your password out to someone?
  8. Art

    Yes. I have them in my Laptop. I'll upload them here.
  9. Art

    1. Render: Let's see how well you are at banner-making. Adjust Background. It must be cool tho. Text: Marky
  10. Discussion

    I made signatures for People playing COC (basically for their pages) and Instagram Pages. I'll make a few signatures for Vortex Fans as soon as I get some time.
  11. Discussion

    I actually am good at this stuff. Don't need to learn. And, GIMP is pretty good.
  12. Discussion

    You could use the Free Trial if it is Available.
  13. Discussion

    Lmao. It isn't done like that. Go to some site, make some fancy text and post it. It's done using Photoshop. Mostly CC and Cs6.
  14. You do know your "Bandwidth" is Rekt, do you? :P


    1. iZeus


      It's better now.

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @iZeus You're handling it..So it might be. :)

      Still stopping a bit..

  15. Universal

    Pm me.