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  1. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    Hi. Although I really want some Alolan Pokes to complete my dex but I can't offer you any of those for just some random pokes which are available on maps and are quite common. I can perhaps offer you 3 unique non-legends for one Unique Alolan Poke. How does that sound?
  2. Universal Dharug's Dex quest

    @Dharug The max. Limit is 20. On which pokemon do I offer the rest 10? Also, I'm interested in your Shadow Fairy. Shiny Unbound + 2 Unique Legends for it?
  3. Kappas,How are y'all? I promised you a GIVEAWAY. Well,here it is. Prizes: Unique Legends Unique Non-Legends You must be a member of TKS Forums Clan. You must have submitted the Form in the correct section here. You must join In-game clan 'The Kappa Squad'. Support Us. We're hiring Moderators and Artists just for the clan and Editors. We not only aim at becoming no.1 but also ENJOY V4 cuz V4 is Love. Post your in-game name (ign). Wish @dropthat Happy Birthday (Jk) {But this'll get you my 'sympathies' perhaps?} Enjoy.
  4. Does anybody know if iamarslan and surana57 are still active here and playing?

    Also, you guys might want to check out the forums 'Clans' section. TKS re-birth.

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @surana57 Hey m8. Well, are you in a clan or would you want to join TKS?

    3. surana57


      Hey buddy, i am already in team moonlit

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Well I thought I'd give you a role in TKS as you were among the very first members but NVM. Thanks.

  5. Hi Kappa's! Well, there will be a giveaway starting tomorrow. Only the ones who've joined here and submitted the form or the ones who've joined the in-game clan 'The Kappa Squad' will be allowed to participate. Thanks.
  6. Universal Community Trading Thread

    2.25m Exp for the Shiny One?
  7. Universal Dharug's Dex quest

    Y u do tis? You're active now? @Dharug We'll carry this trade in pm.
  8. Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    I have subscribed. Ign : Grazvyzz Thanks for the giveaway. I hope your channel gets the fame.
  9. Answered tapu bulu

    Try asking in the 'Ask Questions' tab. This isn't the right section to ask questions.
  10. Universal Dharug's Dex quest

    Hi there m8. I can offer Unique Non-Leggys either which you don't have or which are rare or which you just need in dupes to evolve. I want your Rotom (Cut). How many do you want?
  11. Submit Forms

    Yes. There is one. We're working on it. It'll take 2 more days. (Sorry for the late response).
  12. Answered How to get a arceus unknown

    Beg Patrick to give you one. It was neither a giveaway nor some donation pokemon. Patrick gave it to those peeps who helped him in-game.
  13. Forum Clan Announcement:

    The Kappa Squad (TKS) is active again. For those who don't know about this clan : Please read the 'Bio' in 'Clan' tab. 

    For those who've already joined it:

    The in-game clan has been created. 

    You can now join the clan : The Kappa Squad in-game. 

    There will be a giveaway within 4-5 days.

    There will be a contest within 6-7 days.

    There will be a special announcement for TKS members.


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    2. v3567


      I hope your clan doesn't meet the same fate as Kappa did. :/

    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Hope is the only thing that makes you witness the next day. (^_-)

    4. dropthat


      I'm not active in forums. Won't be active for a week, Sorry. AFTER THAT, HYPERACCCCCTIVEEEE!!!!

  14. Once upon a time there was a clan named 'The Kappa Squad'.

    Anyways, are there any TKS members still playing v4? 

    And anybody who'd like to join?

    (No spamming or non-serious attitude towards this please)