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  1. Universal

    Can I get the following 28 ones for it?
  2. Universal

    Thanks m8!
  3. Universal

    Could you gimme an Hour? I'm a bit busy with Drug Dealing with @Nutella Navigator UMM..
  4. Universal

    I love ripping people off! My Pokemon : Dark Kabuto Other's Pokemon = x amount of unique non-leggies.
  5. Universal

    Hmm... Could that be 28? Since, 1 unique leggie is worth something around 10 unique non-leggies,I guess...
  6. Universal

    I would like Unique Non-Leggies for them Seth. How many can I get?
  7. Universal

    My Smile for it? Could we talk in pm? I already did to you.
  8. Universal

    No, you don't have any. Aha! I see a Drug Dealer Trader . Finally, found a Pirate! Anyways, what PRICE do you have in your mind buddy?
  9. Universal

    Hi! @Nutella Navigator What's Up m8!? Well, I wanted to know, do you have Unique Zubats for trade?
  10. Giveaway

  11. Giveaway

    Do something INCREDIBLE, so people would follow you even if it's against their will!
  12. Hi Everyone! @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy Where were you? Good to have you back.

    Anyways, I hate Happiness Training! It's so Boring....

    Looking for Someone who can train 4 Pokemons to 3 Hearts each. :D 

  13. Giveaway

    Enjoy your Birthday. A birthday gift from my side would be BEST WISHES.
  14. Giveaway

    Ign: Grazvyzz Happy Birthday.
  15. Universal

    Hi! @seth1129400 What would you be willing to offer for ?