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  1. Art Dem Sigs Again?

    That's fine. I was also busy. Yep, the blend of blue and yellow <3. It's "Sparking".
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

    @VITOLDo you have any Dp for trade buddy?
  3. You need deoxys attack or defense or i can give you met libre,myst libre and mystc pop star for met fairy!!

  4. Report Scammer!

    Wait,what? Panzer-25 is @hhh123 and he doesn't have any partner. And it's really strange that he didn't make a report himself. And you know what's more strange? This guy (who made this report i.e. @Korian_yanster) is a newbie. There is no proof. Jorieo was a cheat basically. @eurstin , I was the first one who said that he was a botter and doing illegal stuff. And how does this guy know about this whole scam thing? Also, why didn't hhh123 didn't post it himself? And just a few days later, I checked the ign : Panzer-25 And there were only unique legends and maybe 2 small events. Nothing else. Maybe, this all is just a pre-planned kid-ish trick or something.
  5. Universal Community Trading Thread

    FT : LF : Waters/Electrics/Cosplays/Completes/RotomDexes.
  6. Universal Events Trading

    Do you have unique waters or unique electrics or unique completes or unique cosplays or unique rotom dexes? If yes, I have a dp ft. Pm me if you have these.
  7. Universal Indian trade thread

    Hi,Buddy. Well, this the wrong sub-section for making a trade thread. You should always create a trade thread in the "Trades" section. This section is for hosting giveaways. @Uncle_Psychic
  8. Art Dem Sigs Again?

    Hi @Uncle_Psychic. Your work is utmost brilliant. I ain't as good as you at this. Anyways, I hope this thread is still open and you have the time to make a signature for me. Render: Please choose it yourself according to the specifications given below. I just want it to be something different and attractive. Text : Mark Thompson Other : You can make the signature in either a combination of Yellow-ish Golden/Spark Blue or Red/Black.
  9. Pokemon Crater.

    Pokemon Vortex v1.8 .

    Pokemon Vortex v2 .

    Pokemon Vortex v3 .

    Hopefully, Pokemon Vortex v4.

    And legit players continue to play. ;)









    Vortex is bae :x


    1. TheLonelySavage


      Man pokemon crater was a decade ago good times back then

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @TheLonelySavage It was. But, we can't forget it. If Crater wasn't there, maybe we wouldn't be playing Vortex.

    3. Becky


      *cough* I'm legit and I still play o.O

  10. Anabelle : Creation It was better than Conjuring 2. @Uncle_PsychicYou'd probably want to watch this one.
  11. Atm, life is ...........................×_×


    Number : 1 Make me win this giveaway bae.
  13. Submit Forms

    You're a Kappa! Enjoy your time here.
  14. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

    Exactly. I was 14 then. Nice to meet you.
  15. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

    Pixel over Shinx. You're work is amazing. @Biscuitmandid you play Crater?