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  1. Answered How to get a arceus unknown

    Beg Patrick to give you one. It was neither a giveaway nor some donation pokemon. Patrick gave it to those peeps who helped him in-game.
  2. Forum Clan Announcement:

    The Kappa Squad (TKS) is active again. For those who don't know about this clan : Please read the 'Bio' in 'Clan' tab. 

    For those who've already joined it:

    The in-game clan has been created. 

    You can now join the clan : The Kappa Squad in-game. 

    There will be a giveaway within 4-5 days.

    There will be a contest within 6-7 days.

    There will be a special announcement for TKS members.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. v3567


      I hope your clan doesn't meet the same fate as Kappa did. :/

    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Hope is the only thing that makes you witness the next day. (^_-)

    4. dropthat


      I'm not active in forums. Won't be active for a week, Sorry. AFTER THAT, HYPERACCCCCTIVEEEE!!!!

  3. Once upon a time there was a clan named 'The Kappa Squad'.

    Anyways, are there any TKS members still playing v4? 

    And anybody who'd like to join?

    (No spamming or non-serious attitude towards this please)

  4. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    Ign: Grazvyzz Colour : White - Just like my Life. Thanks for this Giveaway.
  5. General Progress in Pokemon Vortex V4

    Rood. Offensive. Anyways, let's stick to the Topic.
  6. General Progress in Pokemon Vortex V4

    @eurstin Who's Caylum?
  7. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading . Pm me with Offers.
  8. Pokemon Vortex V4 Your Progress Hi Everybody! All of you might know that V4 has finally replaced v3. Well, here is the thread where you can discuss about v4. You can share your progress in v4 with us. Progress as in: New Pokemons you caught New Clan you joined/made Progress of Clan and Your Contribution New Team Pokemons you've started training Auctions you've started Sidequest Progress in v4 New stuff bought from Pokemart/won from PokeBay I just started playing today and I've caught a and started a auction (low price) of 20× . I've also caught .
  9. Wow. That was a surprise.

    v4 is love.

  10. Discussion General Chit-Chat Thread

    Anytime m8. Anytime..
  11. Discussion General Chit-Chat Thread

    Hi Buddy! Kyogre needs a Blue Orb to transform/evolve into its Primal Form. Which means you can use the Blue Orb to evolve Kyogre into Kyogre (Primal). Primals are more valued but that really depends on you.
  12. I was away for quite some time.

    Can anybody tell me, what new stuff is going on? And was there any event in the period : August-October?


    1. Event_Lords123


      Rotom (Halloween) re run (31st october) ... v4 is 1-2 weeks away ...

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Ayye thanks m8.

      K.O.Noobs still playing , eh?!


  13. Art Dem Sigs Again?

    That's fine. I was also busy. Yep, the blend of blue and yellow <3. It's "Sparking".
  14. Universal Community Trading Thread

    @VITOLDo you have any Dp for trade buddy?
  15. You need deoxys attack or defense or i can give you met libre,myst libre and mystc pop star for met fairy!!