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  1. Semi-Hardcore

    I is sorry. Don't ban me sir..Plzz sir... I is sorry...Plzzz furgeeve me
  2. Are you so alone buddy xD ?

    "tell me that you love me" - Lmao.

    1. GodsWithin


      idfc- Blackbear

  3. Semi-Hardcore

    @Adamented Actually, I am far from home (In Venice) and I don't have time to read all of this because of my Work and Studies. So, could you just briefly explain the whole "Starters" and Trainer/Writer stuff? Also, I'm one of the "mostly online" discord member. You can message me on discord also - The Salty Kappa is my discord name.
  4. I'll temporarily be leaving the game.

    Won't be back anytime soon.

    Tho, I might be available on Discord and Forums.

    Now, you can get your exp trained by H-Fly xD

    Take care buds.


    1. GodsWithin


      Wow, you definitely will be missed.... 

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @GodsWithin I hope so. Take care buddy.

  5. Nubby (@dropthat), Are you still playing the game?

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    2. dropthat


      Naww... Left it.

      But kinda will check Messages here.

      But will be back on v4 :)

      X! X!

      All hail x!

    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      It's a downfall for me.

      Stay blessed Nubby.

      I hope we stay best friends ever. :)

    4. dropthat


      I hope so aswell ;)

  6. @sportsandmusic69 Feel alone?

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    2. Mark Thompson
    3. GodsWithin


      Was that a selfie Mark?

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Patrick sent me. \_(=_=)_/

      I is not so beautiful @GodsWithin .

  7. Universal

    Metallic Kyurem Black for the Shadow White?
  8. Other

    This should be in Trades section. Also, please read the Global Forums Rules.
  9. Answered

    Latiasites aren't available in the Pokemart. You can get yourself a Latiasite by completing Johto or Sevii Island Sidequests. The chances are also there of getting Masterballs. Here's some more info about the chances : Johto Sidequests Prize Drop Rate Latiosite 33.3% Latiasite 33.3% 50x Master Ball(s) 33.3%
  10. Contest

    Thank You! Atleast, they're unbanned. And, oh! It 's the 1st Legit (Prized) Giveaway, I've ever won. Tysm.
  11. Contest

    Grazvyzz Thank You!
  12. Semi-Hardcore

    @GodsWithin started botting posting nudes Disrespecting Pat And also started to apply cosmetics on his pokemons
  13. Contest

    Grazvyzz The number you're thinking of is a Number b/w 0 and 1,000,000,0000,0000. Confirmed
  14. 96...My life is completed.

    No more reps needed.

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Either down vote me to 69 Reps or lemme stay where I am.

    3. eurstin


      @sportsandmusic69 Downvoted :D 

      Back to 95 lmao

    4. Mark Thompson
  15. Both

    No. I hate free pokemons. That's create problems like " He got This, why can't I get this", So no.