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  1. And the new kids finally take over v4. Noice.

    Anyways, maybe, just maybe a return for me. Somebody tell me about YOUR prices (in EXP, Legendary pokemons or some other event pokes) for the following:

    Shiny Rayquaza (Mega)

    Kyurem (Black)

    Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)

    Dark Arceus (Fairy)


  2. I haven't been able to log-in to the game due to the work load. As soon as I do, the first thing I do is give you what you deserve. You can spy on my 'last login' tho
  3. I like Greek salad with tomato juice on top of it when I feel hungry but not very hungry for a proper meal. Ign : Grazvyzz
  4. The winner of this giveaway is @lelouched. Dm me here. Thank you everyone for participating (Not you Dragony). Some mod may close this topic.
  5. Hola Amigos! The forums have been dead lately. I'm not a generous person usually but I'll be hosting almost regular giveaways with different rules/terms. Why so generous? I started playing vortex (after crater) and all that I have rn is due to forums i.e. by trading, giveaways on forums etc. #BFTL = Bring Forums To Life I hope someone else joins in too. I'd really appreciate. ________________________ Prizes: Entry: Post with your ign? No. Post with a number? No. All you have to do is answer the question incorrectly: Who is the
  6. 1) Yeah, maybe it would work and encourage people to spend more time in game. 2) No. That would lower the values of avatars. It would be a mess. 3) No. I think, it's fine without this idea being implemented. 4) Yep, that idea should be implemented. It would make the clans more important. 5) No. 6) I'd rather suggest bringing more Pokémons into the sidequests with less number of battles to get to less valued ones and vice versa. 7) It'll be a lot of work and I guess it won't work in Vortex with the frontiers and additional battling stuff still there. 8) Yeah,
  7. I've got a complete set. Dm me here please.
  8. The idea of bringing back Ancient Pokémons is pretty innovative and interesting as well. I have to agree with WinnerOJD, they should be brought back just like he described. This would be a good opportunity, not just for completing one's dex but also rejoicing v2 effects. This idea could somehow be implemented to other Pokémons as well. Although, re-run of events on one hand gives the newbies an opportunity to claim those Pokémons but on the other end, it just decreases the trade-value of that Pokémon (mostly). That is a really good idea. I hope the staff looks into it as
  9. Hey I need ur shiny water what u need for it?

  10. I just need some. Can I choose, if it's okay with you?
  11. I had some peeps questioned about its value. If 3.5M , I'm not sure if I'd have the time to put up so much time for just 1 job. You can look into the rates I just put up and then gimme a new offer , perhaps?
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