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  1. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Error Blocked user keeps offer

    If you block a user, they will not be able to message you, but still can trade with you. Blocking only for messages not for trades.
  2. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Bug Not able to view any messages, even if you have some

    This had happened to me also i could not got to my inbox or select any other options in my message box. But after some time it worked.
  3. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Universal Trade

    Trading set , ,. Reply with offers
  4. Hi, Patrick so nice of you because you created an awesome event that is Arceus (dark) I love that event and its my Top favorite event till now. I 100% enjoyed the event. Thanks a lot.

    I am proud to say i have caught Shadow Arceus (Dark)Arceus (Dark) and Dark Arceus (Dark)in just 36 hours. These 3 have became my favorite pokemon in vortex now. 


    A big thanks to Patrick.

    1. Patrick


      I'm glad you enjoyed it :^_^:

  5. I would say its the worst idea for many reasons. 1)Not many people will trade cause they will lose 50,000 exp. 2) Pokebay already collect 10% tax and on top of this exp reset will not support auctions again! I like the way how it is now. Hope this never comes up.
  6. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Answered Seasonal wins

    You cannot see your seasonal wins. If you place u r self in top 100 seasonal top trainers you will get a porygon promo which will be in u r item inventory.
  7. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Idea In-game missions

    According to me i do not like the idea if missions but i like events.
  8. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Resolved your team

    Its better if you give your in game name.
  9. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Universal Trading events , unique legends for exp or DPS

    i need your furfrou form. Pm me in the game. My ign 990295233. I am also there on discord. my discord id @KBC#5959.
  10. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Report Scammed

    Sadly you were scammed! Instead of offering pokemons on his trade list u could have auctioned it and told him the auction id to bid. This method could be helpful.
  11. Hey pat tell me if this is fine?

    In pokemon vortex Wiki i made some change of Availability of Arceus (unknown) i added 1 Availability that was 2018 Easter event.


    1. Sneezeball


      Why do you feel you need to post such a minor thing on forum?

    2. Sneezeball


      And it wasnt entirely fine (punctuation sucked), I fixed it.

  12. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Giveaway giveway

    IGN: 990295233 favourite Pokemon: . Favourite Number: 4 Thanks for the giveaway.
  13. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Resolved Discord Will not work

    If u need invite for vortex server its very simple just log in to vortex and top right there will be discord button, click on that and then enter with u r name and password. this can only be done if u r not banned.
  14. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Answered Mobile chat

    click on setting button which is mostly towards your right and there is a option called block and then the user gets blocked.
  15. Hey pat i like the new event u created.

    i have reached only till 610 points.

    But i like the Easter event its cool.

    thanks for making the event.

    Hope there is one more event on 4th of may.


    but the event is very difficult.

    1. Auke1993


      I like that events are difficult.
      Making it easy can be nice, but it's not very rewarding.

      When something's difficult, you spend (lots of) time on it, and then you make it it's a lot more rewarding and will give you a bigger feeling of accomplishment.