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  1. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Resolved Discord Will not work

    If u need invite for vortex server its very simple just log in to vortex and top right there will be discord button, click on that and then enter with u r name and password. this can only be done if u r not banned.
  2. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Other Games you play

    I play Pokemon go and prince of persia and many more games.
  3. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Answered Mobile chat

    click on setting button which is mostly towards your right and there is a option called block and then the user gets blocked.
  4. Hey pat i like the new event u created.

    i have reached only till 610 points.

    But i like the Easter event its cool.

    thanks for making the event.

    Hope there is one more event on 4th of may.


    but the event is very difficult.

    1. Auke1993


      I like that events are difficult.
      Making it easy can be nice, but it's not very rewarding.

      When something's difficult, you spend (lots of) time on it, and then you make it it's a lot more rewarding and will give you a bigger feeling of accomplishment.

  5. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Idea Account Levels

    I feel how pokemon vortex is running now is better. I dont think we need levels in vortex.
  6. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Answered night

    You cannot shift from day to night or night to day in v4 hope u know that. Its is according to the server timing in United Kingdom. UK follows Gmt.
  7. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Discussion 10 Cutest Pokemon In The World

    For me the cutest pokemon is , ,,and my list goes on.
  8. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    TV / Movies Favourite Animated Shows

    I watch many shows like- shin chan pokemon doraemon dora the explorer noddy thomas and friends etc...
  9. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    option 5 please
  10. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    My ign is 990295233.
  11. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Answered One question

    By coming of v4 you cannot change the server time that is shift day and night. its according to server time in the United Kingdom.
  12. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Resolved Master Ball catching issue

    Necrozma belongs to ultra beast category and you need a beast ball to catch it. Beast ball can be obtained only in sidequests/ mystery boxes. Master ball can catch any pokemon except ultra beast. But beast ball can catch only ultra beasts.
  13. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Discussion Tips to be a great trainer

    You also need a event pokemon to show-off.
  14. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Other Experience in the pokemon v3&v4

    I have a friend who introduced pokemon vortex in the year 2015 but i joined vortex in October month (2015). We were competing each other in doing the sidequests. It is a fun journey though. I actually like vortex than pokemon go. Vortex is more safe than pokemon go. I like to take part in events. The most difficult event for me is deoxys scavenger hunt.
  15. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Unanswered pokebay not receiving pokemon

    So, i assume the auction is over and you are the winner. You will have to check carefully you can only be the owner not the original trainer because you purchased the pokemon and you did not catch it.