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  1. Keeping more than one avatar has no benefit right now. Having something simple like an unique avatar count would also be helpful in case there are achievements introduced for them.
  2. Three bugs in one post. Woot. 1.) Still having the issue where it uses the first item in your list despite selecting something else. Where I click on the item bar doesn't seem to matter. 2.) Vortex time is off from auctions times and/or will speed, stall, or even skip ahead a few seconds entirely as refreshing. 3.) I'm no longer able to name a monster if I've already given it a name before. After sending in the name, it leads me to a broken page saying: This page isn’t working theta.pokemon-vortex.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  3. Just as said. You type in something and click "save" and it reverts to the original description. Forum ID reverts to blank. Level: Minor
  4. Moves like DragonBreath paralyze fairies. Thunder Wave also has "no effect" in stead of paralyzing anything. Level: Medium
  5. Looking for Dark, Mystic, or Metallic Female Absol in a Moon Ball (Nicknamable). I have Shadow/Shiny Alolan Rattata, shoot me a pm.
  6. Some of us have an issue where instead of taking the selected Pokemon to auction, it may just take the first Pokemon in your normal list instead. I lost an Aerodactyl this way, no way to get it back. Apparently it's just an occasional thing, but still very scary.
  7. Would be nice to designate roles like "Member" as something in theme with the clan name (Ex: Profile displays "Little Bunny" in Forest Friends). Hopefully there can be some kind of filter for it, though...
  8. Trying to collect all unique Kyurem Black and White. *Trading*: Looking for: IGN: SakuraMitsonomi Only looking for the Kyurem, PM for trades, thank you~
  9. Yeah, like SquirrelKing said, practical monsters are the keywords. Not fakemon, but some Pokemon that are already out there and wouldn't be hard to implement, like the ones I suggested.
  10. Just wanted to hear what people's ideas would be for interesting Pokemon ideas on Vortex. Armor Mewtwo is a good example of something they've brought in from the anime. What kind of monsters would you like to see? The striped clone Pokemon? Pinkan Island Pokemon? Pink Butterfree?
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