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  1. My biggest problem is seeing posts like these.
  2. Welp, The giveaway is now over guys. Here are the winners: @Pokemast-2704 @sanjimon @starsnorlax @Chamancharizad123 @RockSs Thanks for participating everyone! And I've accepted your offers winners.
  3. If he already released them then i don't think there are any chances of getting them back.
  4. Last chance to enter, I'll be ending it tomorrow. Also, again i repeat, You have to offer on a cosmog up for trade on IGN- fodn and write your IGN in the post above.


  5. Battles are not the only thing that matter for increasing your points. Total Experience, Average experience and Unique Pokémon count matter as well. Here is the formula to calculate your points: (√t * √a * √u * Log(b)) / 1000 Key: t = Total Experience a = Average Experience u = Unique Pokémon b = Battle Count / (Wins)
  6. Ok i was bored so gonna giveaway 5 cosmogs, offer some trash mon on any one of them up for trade on IGN- fodn, I'll accept random offers after some time. Also leave your In Game Name in the comments below (If I don't see your IGN here then i won't accept your offer). Good Luck! You'll be disqualified from the giveaway if you spam offers on the cosmogs.
  7. mewtwo (evolution mega y) and mewtwo (evolution mega x) when????
  8. fodn

    Universal charmander

    make a new account and send the charmander to your main
  9. Red kinda sus, vote him out

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    2. cursed_charmander12
    3. fodn


      no, not all the colors only red, blue and you.

    4. cursed_charmander12
  10. You don't have to lower their hp to catch them, just use a beast ball/vortex ball like you use master balls to catch other Pokémon
  11. I've already talked to flamescape about having a similar feature and they're not adding it. Training accounts are not encouraged by the game, they are being used because the players want to use them and the game cannot stop that. They are just a defect in Pokémon and are supposed to be left as a tip for players who are supposed to find them themselves.
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