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  1. I think I'm drowning.

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    2. fodn


      True, defence is all that i need.

    3. xVx-Oreo


      no u need a cuban ring so u feel ur holding up a mountain then buss down bussdown then ur drowning and dip the cuban rin in a fountain

    4. sanjimon



  2. I agree, eventhough it had more people hunting on it, hunting in Nightshade Chapel was a lot more comfortable and smooth.
  3. u have to b cap

  4. I was going to make a post about this very soon, i get several offers on my pokes up for trade from which 99% are trash and everytime before declining the trade, i fear I'll accept it by mistake. I hope they add this feature soon
  5. The shop is supposed to be in the game not discord. True, obviously that part is negotiable. I just gave a rough idea of how the shop should be run, if it ever comes into existence. Deciding the prices is all on the devs Your Unique Pokémon count doesn't increase if you evolve something caught before the current season, I don't see why the same can't be done with exp. I really don't know of any reasonable way(s) to stop this, however i think that the one login at a time rule has stopped most people from abusing seasonals.
  6. We all know that getting into the seasonal top trainer list is quite hard and it's extremely hard to get into the top 5 list which rewards you with a unique variant of any one of the galarian birds at the end of the month. Getting 500-800k points is not possible for everyone and getting a normal Variant if you're 6th or 7th is not quite pleasing either. This is why i came up with a few ideas to make seasonals more fair and more rewarding for everyone: Exp trained on a Pokemon should be counted ONLY if it has been caught in that specific season by you, yourself. This way people won't buy
  7. Galarian Articuno isn't added to the game yet.
  8. here is todays message to you


    Cool Cat Hello GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. fodn


      Cool and Cute cats ❤️


    2. cursed_charmander12


      you know what i mean

  9. My biggest problem is seeing posts like these.
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