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  1. Answered EXP RATES

    yeh np dude
  2. Answered EXP RATES

    normally people pay 250k for normal legends and 500k for variants like met shadow mystic and dark but atleast 600k for shiny and for rares ones like arceus groudon rayqauza etc people pay 750k for their unique variants
  3. Game Keep One, Change One

    break time
  4. Uniques All In One Trade Center

    what for ????
  5. Giveaway giveaway for cosmog

    ign shayan2 number: 98
  6. Discussion Next Event

    thats a pretty tough question xD..........btw i made this thread to get the views of different people
  7. Discussion Next Event

    hmm but we cant say anything rn
  8. Discussion Next Event

    my fav is
  9. Discussion Next Event

    oh yeah they r damn cool
  10. Giveaway Shayan''s Amazing Giveaway

    the giveaway is over dude
  11. Discussion Next Event

    hmm lets wait and watch what will be the next event
  12. Game Staff vs. Members

  13. Discussion Next Event

    dude i think v4 will be released in upcoming months so i think pat might run a event before v4