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  1. Giveaway Shayan''s Amazing Giveaway

    And the winner of this giveaway is.............. @unknown_citizen my ign is shayan2, both leggies r on trades just make an offer
  2. Hi guys!!!!!! Welcome to my very first giveaway!! I am giving away and To enter all u have to do is comment ur ign and write ur fav song along with its singer Will announce the result soon Till the enjoy the game!!!!

    @Tyheamma @Uncle_Psychic give spam warning to @kackrot
  4. Game Staff vs. Members

  5. Discussion Where are you from?

    karachi pakistan
  6. Giveaway Savage giveaway

    Ign shayan2 Fav number 6 Fav type fire
  7. Semi-Hardcore The Kappa Squad (TKS)

    Ign is shayan2 and event_lords Fav poke is arceus Non leggy is infernape Fav variant is metallic Forum name dx-generation Most active community is discord Ambition is to become the best I wanna become kappa cuZ i like kappa emoji
  8. Contest Metallic Legend Giveaway

    ign shayan2
  9. Universal Community Trading Thread

    whatfor aria see event_lords and tell
  10. Game Keep One, Change One

    Number Sequence
  11. Resolved Missing

    Hey! Our Shiny pikachu belle is missing from our box in ign Event_lords we havent traded it aswell so where has it gone.Kindly fix this problem @Patrick
  12. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    Event_lords Number 10
  13. Universal Community Trading Thread

    what for ur and @xShadowz_
  14. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    how much exp will u train for