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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for zygarde complete set, zygarde partial set, zygarde core set, arceus water set, cubone vader set, PM me in game offering very well I have dps and rotom forms and kyurems and pokemoney
  2. Universal Looking for zygarde complete set!

    Looking for zygarde complete set, partial set, and core set!!!! offering 5 dps for the whole list of 15, or 3 dps for complete set, and 2 dps for core/partial set pm blood_crypt in game events for trade: dark cut dark frost metallic cut metalloc frost metallic frost arceus fairy full set shadow armor 100 million pokecash
  3. Universal trading a full set of arceus (ice)

    X3 X2 looking for 4-5 DPS for the full set. 4 if they are all unique fairies, 5 if its a mixture, some must be fairies, i do not want 5 shiny dps. also interested in rare events, PM blood_crypt in game to get a quicker response.
  4. Events tons of DP's for trade! Looking for rotom dex set!

    updated 6/5/17
  5. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading mystic complete several donation Pokémon and more uft on blood_crypt looking for water set electric set rotom halloween set rotom dex set missingno. Set pm me
  6. Events tons of DP's for trade! Looking for rotom dex set!

    Yea not worth a complete sorry
  7. Events tons of DP's for trade! Looking for rotom dex set!

    Look at blood_crypt and see if you find anything
  8. Events tons of DP's for trade! Looking for rotom dex set!

    Updated. 5-28-17
  9. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    okay just offer to blood_crypt if you want it.
  10. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for shadow shiny dark and normal complete. 3 completes for any dp I have on trade. Or 2 dp and a santapie/rotomween set send offer in game, all dps uft on blood_crypt
  11. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    I personally would not give any donations for a normal volcanion
  12. Universal Universal trading centre by D2T-Herolegends

    Your shiny complete plus santapie set for my normal aria on trade? Or add 2 waters for any unique dp on trade?
  13. Events EᐯEᑎTᔕ ᖴOᖇ TᖇᗩᗪE

    I have plenty of donations for trade, in interested in your water arceus set and normal complete
  14. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    I can offer mystic cosmog + shadow black + shadow vivillion pokeball + shadow Vader for your shiny complete. Or I can take shiny complete + normal complete + a few unique waters for a donation Pokémon on my trades?
  15. Universal Community Trading Thread

    trading tons of donation pokemon and rare deoxys form, looking for other donations, santapie sets, zygarde complete set, rotom halloween set, and other rare events that i decide i want. not interested in cosplays. for trade: