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  1. my ign was neymar_8 when i typed my password , it says that it is incorrect. i logged into my another account and opened pokebay-auctions , i searched for my own account neymar_8 i was shocked to see that 94 master balls were up for auction i was surprised i saw the first bidder of that auction . it was the same ign controls . i clicked on his account and saw his pokes all were mine i realized that is why i couldn't open my account and he hacked it i saw all the pokemons of my account - neymar_8 , there was nothing but all small pokemons patrick, i want revenge . please give me all the pokemons of his account because all are mine . please help me i request you please message me on discord app my name on discord is : natsu dragneel hey patrick , please help me recover my account
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