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  1. Aww it’s alright thanks for telling me though
  2. priyamtron

    Experience Exp Shop

    No thanks thats not fair
  3. priyamtron

    Experience Exp Shop

    how much for Pikachu rock star
  4. hi I want the pokemons pls look at my Pokemons and tell me what you like
  5. My IGN is priyamtron I love dogs my favourite regions are Kanto and Alola
  6. im sorry I have Pikachu pop star . do you have Pikachu belle though .
  7. Thanks waybig I put a trash pokemon on trade at priyamtron
  8. OMG thank you my ign is priyamtron ill put something on trade
  9. Hey everybody ! I’m looking for pikachu belle . If any of you have it and are willing to trade message me in game ( my IGN is priyamtron ) or directly here
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