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  1. Heyyy guys !!! My vivillon type is vivillon sandstorm !!! All offers are welcome !!!!!
  2. Thanks for replying !!! just looked at all your Pokemon's . I had a question tho ... how many unique legends are you willing to trade for it ??added u btw
  3. Hiiiiiii !!!! I’m trading my shadow umbreon !!! Feel free to offer and if you want ANYTHING else form my inv just message me :D my username is is the same as here :3
  4. hiiiii guys !!!!!! im trading my shadow umbreon !!!! all offers are appreciated and welcomed !!! have a good day
  5. hellooooooo !!! I have a dark umbreon !!! wanna offer ??
  6. Aww it’s alright thanks for telling me though
  7. priyamtron

    Experience Exp Shop

    No thanks thats not fair
  8. priyamtron

    Experience Exp Shop

    how much for Pikachu rock star
  9. hi I want the pokemons pls look at my Pokemons and tell me what you like
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