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  1. It would be impossible for the mods to help u with ur problem without u first figuring how to insert images.
  2. Hmm, interesting. In my opinion, I feel like star wars pokes should not return but I agree with ur opinion that seasonal pokes could come back during those times in mbs. A lot of people have paid a lot for shiny star wars cosplays, and I just feel like it would be unfair to those people if they ever come back.
  3. Not all event pokes are in mystery boxes. Past Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon are not. I think thats why he talks about inactive users and why they should be brought back.
  4. I feel like this is completely ur fault for giving away ur password. There is clearly a bright yellow reminder on the login screen which says "Do not give your password to anyone else under any circumstances". Ur pokemon being stolen is a lesson for u to never tell others what ur passcode is.
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