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  1. Mewtwo (A2) Would also make a great name for star wars set.
  2. Hi, I've been offered a dark pikachu Christmas for my shadow jar jar, but the original owner of the pokemon is banned. Should I trade it or not ? Please help. I also own some pokemons that i traded or bought from auctions, later to find out that their original owners are banned. Should i keep them or just release them...
  3. The first and foremost goal of any beginner of this game is to "gotta catch em all". Latter in, comes the leaderboard. But not all can afford the time to do one of either or both. The present way to obtain at least one of the two goals is the trade system. Through the trade system one can dedicate enough time to obtain some rare and event pokemons or trade them for some well worth exp, thus slowly inching towards their goals. With the implementation of the trade reset, the only way to obtain rare and event pokemons will be through equal trade off or the auctions. The concept of equal trade off is too far fetched even at the present stage of the game as majority of players will not trade one rare for another unless there is some profit. This decreases the value of the trade system. The pros of reducing the illegitimate training and trading of such pokemon's is a welcome, but the trading of bot captured pokemon's and losing them later, once the bot account is banned is just an equal risk (especially if the trades involved events). And in the auctions, those that bot will still end up getting the upper hand as they'll have better cash for auctions and the presence of spamclicker's as mentioned by some decreases one's chances of obtaining the Pokémon of desire. And a problem with illegitimate trainers is, if they happen to have bought some legit events from the auctions, upon ban the events are either lost due to ban (increasing their rearity) or they would end up in one of their legit accounts thereby turning their illegitimate earnings to legit. My opinion on illegitimate exp. and pooling accounts to gain head in the leaderboard, it's not like illegitimate exp leaders will stay there for long as they are eventually banned from the game. And pooler's will just increase the no. of pokemon's pooled. The way I see it is that in a long haul, the proposed exp. reset is to change the way one gains their stand in the leaderboard rather than the issue of illegitimate training. The leaderboard and the players rankings will remain the same even after the proposed idea is executed, but the way those ranks are held on to will change drastically. But I feel there are far too many problems posed by illegitimate training and their role in auctions and trades, which deserves a much needed discussion than the experience reset. PS... Just give a heads up before u implement the change as most have multiple accounts with their exp's spread between them.
  4. I agree to this as well. Winning 1000 battles just to get 25 moon balls is just disappointing. The prizes for the sidequests need to be properly thought over and reorganized.
  5. Favorite Pokemon : Mewtwo IGN : thribhuvan35 No : 35
  6. IGN : tribhuvan35 My fav Pokemon is mewtwo... Was created to be controlled and used, yet always has freedom and will fight for it.......
  7. IGN ; thribhuvan35 No : 35 Type : Dark/Ghost
  8. IGN : thribhuvan35 Number : 35 BOL...
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