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  1. Yeah it isn't possible to switch team order on mobile like you can on PC. I guess it'll be possible when the mobile optimization update comes out
  2. IGN Dark_Wolf Team Brazil Best player Ronaldo Yeah 4. You're alright
  3. Trading . Only 3 of these beauties in the whole game, looking for premium/donation pokemon or events. Pm your offers
  4. You probably finished the battle in under 10 seconds. Pokemon vortex has a rule where you will have to battle the same opponent again if you finish the battle under 10 seconds. Go slow with the battles that have easy/ low level pokemon and wait a couple seconds before clicking that final 'continue' and you should be good
  5. True, but often the illegitimate exp gets traded away before it gets reset and you're left with a trader who gave away his rare event pokemon for nothing. A trade or an auction triggering it would make trading for exp or giving jobs to exp trainers so much safer
  6. I like the idea, but it does put exp traders and players who want to merge accounts at a huge disadvantage. I think it would be better if any experience trained illegitimately AFTER this rule is implemented gets reset if traded/auctioned. This way traders can be sure that exp currently being trained/traded is definitely legitimate. I also agree with LordofDante's point, if the rule is implemented as is, exp trades will plummet and the leaderboard will comprise of the same old players who have collected exp and are now skeptical about trading it away.
  7. 50 mil for a Dark Togepi (Halloween)?
  8. eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. 15 mil exp IGN Dark_Wolf Thenks!
  9. If there is no proof of you being scammed by TheMaskedMan then the admins cannot take any action.
  10. IGN Dark_Wolf Favourite Pokemon: Darkrai 69 Thanks for the giveaway!
  11. It is currently not possible to change the email linked to your v4 account. I think it will be implemented in a future update
  12. Clan depository is a feature that hasn't been implemented in game yet. It will be released in a future update
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