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  1. Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    IGN: Dark_Wolf I'm fine with anything, thanks for the giveaway
  2. Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    I'm still gonna try IGN Dark_Wolf
  3. Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    I better win. Or you get kicked again.
  4. Answered Donor account

  5. Error Female Frillish/Jellicent?

    There aren't different sprites for frillish/jellicent male/female in game. Its the male Sprite for both. Although there are different avatars for em
  6. I'm gonna miss you mate Best of luck in the future! Ign: Dark_Wolf
  7. Report Abusing

    There are always players who use offensive/derogatory terms on players. You should just block them and move on.
  8. Thanks a lot!! Offer on anything on my trades
  9. Ign: Dark_Wolf Whiplash
  10. Answered Training rock type pokes?

    TrainingKyurem should work fine. Here's a link to all the training accounts
  11. Answered Enabling Messages

    Is it that you are not able to recieve any messages? Then switch on the 'allow messages' feature in options.
  12. Report box scam

    His igns are Jorieo, mw21, mw12 and laoboy. He has been a scammer from a long time and his old account Jorieo is banned too. Hopefully some action will be taken against him
  13. Giveaway Bird Pokemon Giveaway!

    7 Dark_Wolf Thanks!!
  14. Both Mega Evolution

    You can still buy a few mega stones from pokemart, but the rest are obtainable through sidequests, auctions, or mystery boxes. I hope you don't leave vortex over such a trivial issue.
  15. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    How is your unique volcanion rate= 1 unique dp rate?