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  1. Report box scam

    His igns are Jorieo, mw21, mw12 and laoboy. He has been a scammer from a long time and his old account Jorieo is banned too. Hopefully some action will be taken against him
  2. Answered Is arceus water event valuable than arceus ice

    Yes dark arceus ice is also rarer than a normal water
  3. Giveaway Bird Pokemon Giveaway!

    7 Dark_Wolf Thanks!!
  4. Both Mega Evolution

    You can still buy a few mega stones from pokemart, but the rest are obtainable through sidequests, auctions, or mystery boxes. I hope you don't leave vortex over such a trivial issue.
  5. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    How is your unique volcanion rate= 1 unique dp rate?
  6. Answered Donor account

    Donations only existed in V3 and those who donated got a donor account. In V4 all the donation Pokemon have become premium/store Pokemon. So it's not possible to get a donor account anymore.
  7. Bug Changing Pokemon Team

    This issue only happens to me when I'm on my phone. Is it the same for you too? If it is on your phone, then it's probably because the site isn't optimised for mobile devices yet. It will be done in a future update tho
  8. Contest Poryboi's X-Mas Auction Contest

    6 million ign Dark_Wolf
  9. Giveaway Scarface generous giveaway #1

    Ign: Dark_Wolf Lessee fav song is Major Lazer- Light it up I better win.
  10. Ign: Dark_Wolf Thanks for the giveaway!
  11. Thanks for the giveaway! Subscribed !! ign: Dark_Wolf All the best for your youtube channel!
  12. Legendaries Trade Thread

    I give youand for your and?
  13. Answered POKEMON NAME

    You currently cannot change the name of a pokemon that you are not the original trainer of.
  14. General Name Rating? (Nicknames)

    My is called Geoff McTickleFart, pls rate