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  1. Idea

    yes and no cause im tired of deoxys evevnt and still on mission 1
  2. aarya2005
  3. no
  4. Giveaway

    aarya2005 0 cosmogs
  5. ya more clues An..
  6. u can answer now if u hadnt before and if u havent answered after the new clue @The Only Human
  7. and only 1 guess guys
  8. @waybig im giving u a unique mega atleast tell me to offer on something better than basculin
  10. sorry first letter is A..
  11. NO and @porymon and @waybig u arleady won so u cant win again
  12. im rajasthani living in mumbai also the name starts with I
  13. offer on raticate
  14. first off im a boy and u are correct she is 11 years old @The Only Human