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  1. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    Bro your 4 Pokemons are uft from a long time you Please offer
  2. Experience Fire (demonstriker) Exp Shop

    Bro I'm waiting lemme know when my turn comes
  3. Contest Get 3 Z-Cells

    Adarsh2146 6.
  4. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    offer on ponyta thanks for the giveaway @VITOL
  5. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    It will be done within 24hrs or less
  6. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    @VITOL okay offer me I am free right now
  7. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    ah forgot something check it now @VITOL
  8. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    Your 2 Pokemon (+1 Free) = 2 Unique Non-Leggies Your 1 Pokemon = 1 Unique Non-Leggy Your 3-5 Pok (+1 Free) = 1 Legend Your 7-9 Pok (+1 Free) = 1 Unique Legend I hope the rates are not much
  9. Halloween 2017

  10. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    you can PM me on discord AlolanAdarsh#3821 regarding your offers and offer poks on ign-adarsh2146
  11. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    Alola guys, I have started with training Your Pokemon to Level 100 The rules are quite simple RULES:- 1. All global forum rules apply. 2. Accepting ALL pokemon Non-leggies ,uniques, legendaries, events and fossils 3. Training will not cost you much although it takes more time then level 100 4.If you are giving me 2 Pokemons for training than I'll train 1 more Pokemon for you for FREE! NOTE:- As I am training Pokemon for others for the first time I'l require some time but this is costing you less too
  12. Giveaway Rotom giveaway

    Ign adarsh2146 No 9 Thanks for the giveaway
  13. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign adarsh2146 Won quiz 5 times