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  1. adrsh2146

    Genesect Genesis v2


    Thankfully I have gathered some genesects already
  2. Ign: adarsh2146 Thanks for the giveaway
  3. Actually, we can also keep it simple, right? Like Mewtwo (Armored)
  4. Mewtwo (Spiked) Mewtwo (Upgraded) Mewtwo (Mecha) Mewtwo (Alpha)
  5. Yes, they'll be considered as 'Trainer Battles' so you'll get Fist Plates.
  6. So recently we were told that Pokemon Vortex will soon offer us some special rare avatars or other gifts if we achieve something. So I would like to share some of my ideas for it, you're free to add your opinions down below! I won't decide what should we get for the following achievements coz Patrick is better at deciding, duh! (I won't add the common achievements that I feel will be added for sure) Monthly Achievements! These achievements is inspired by seasonals, the winner of the achievement will be chosen every month. Time Well Spent: This achievement goes to the Person who spends most of the time online in Pokemon Vortex, this doesn't means leaving your tab open and doing other stuff but actually playing the game. Hustler of the month: This achievement goes to the person who grinds the most in a month but to prevent the prize going to just one user again and again there will be a different user every month, that means if someone is already announced as the winner then they won't be counted in the list again! Raining Down Cash: (I just had this idea that I felt good, don't hate me for this ) The Person who spends the most money on Vortex Store (i.e. Mystery boxes/Premium Pokemon) gets the rewards of this achievement. Making Money Moves: The Auction King/Queen. The Reward will go to 2 different users. The Seller who makes the most profit and The Buyer who spends the most PD Setting an example. The next achievement is pretty interesting, the achievement starts with a limit set by Patrick unless it's broken by someone, once the "someone" breaks the record they would get the Reward as for others they have to beat the "someone's" record. Goodbye Felicia: Nothing hurts more than losing an auction and releasing Pokemons. So this achievement is about releasing the most number of Pokemons. Let's say Vortex have a cap of 1000 Pokemons on the achievement, so the first to release 1001th Pokemon gets their reward. From there they can either defend their crown or let another candidate take over but it won't affect their reward. Once and for all! This set of achievements can only be obtained by 1 User. If Someone have won an Achievement from the below list then they can't go for another one. Gotta Collect 'em all: The first User to Complete their Pokedex gets the achievement reward, this means collecting each and every obtainable Pokemon The Unique Trainers: (Metallic/Mystic/Dark/Shadow/Shiny are the variants of Vortex) The first User to complete variant Pokedex (like completing dark Pokedex) would give you the title of this achievement. The Classy Trainer: This title goes to the first user who completes their normal Pokedex. Thanks for giving your time for this! I'll keep this updates as soon as I get more ideas!
  7. You'll get more than 1 in that case, I assume this as Patrick said there can be multiple winners
  8. Hey There! Firstly, The New Update is really Awesome! and the response is absolutely overwhelming so Kudos with that!! Not being ungrateful for anything BUT I was talking to many People and Most of us aren't really happy with The Timer removed. Lemme Address the 2 Major Issues- Auctions: Many of us wait for the final 10 seconds to bid on an auction as it increases our chances to win it but with the timer being removed we don't even have a rough approximate of when to bid... Specially, if you're on Phone. So that's a major drawback for all the Snippers out there. Exp Grinding: We are all acquainted with the fact that there's a cooldown of 10 seconds between trainer battles. Many of us can even train 8 sec/battle so that's where things get tough... It's difficult keeping a count of 10 seconds in your mind while constantly grinding so there's another con of removing the in-game timer. There are other minor issues like The Game Follows GMT still, With the Timer gone we don't know when will the Seasonals exactly end, another same issue is with the Daily Login Calendar. Once again, Thanks for the Amazing v.4.2 update, it's really awesome!
  9. Hey Pory. You said something?
  10. 'Battle Tower' as you're saying is for sure cool but its just Seasonal Battles in a different way and I would still say that Seasonal Battles have an edge over Battle Tower as it gives a prize (Porygon Forms) to 100 Users and a special prize to Top 5 (Unique Porygon Forms), Apart from this Seasonals have more way of getting points that include Catching Map's Unique Pokes, Grinding a good amount of exp, Redeeming promo codes and so on, this way it ensures a player is making overall process throughout the month. So I would prefer Seasonals than Battle Tower Talking about Rest Ideas they're absolutely great!
  11. You're not even in Pokemon Vortex clan also I am sure Patrick will feel "threatened" by this
  12. Ign - adarsh2146, Kudos on completing 2 years of vortex :o4rel:
  13. Oh but you can use it through Google lol, I mean just as you're using forums
  14. Well, Group Chatting in Vortex won't be that useful coz we have discord for that already.
  15. adrsh2146

    Answered time

    If you mean which pokemon you can catch during day or night then I guess this can answer your question. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location If a Pokémon does not specify if it is found during the day or night, that means it can be found during both.
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