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  1. adrsh2146

    Threat to leve da clan

    You're not even in Pokemon Vortex clan also I am sure Patrick will feel "threatened" by this
  2. adrsh2146

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Ign - adarsh2146, Kudos on completing 2 years of vortex :o4rel:
  3. adrsh2146

    Idea Group chat

    Oh but you can use it through Google lol, I mean just as you're using forums
  4. adrsh2146

    Idea Group chat

    Well, Group Chatting in Vortex won't be that useful coz we have discord for that already.
  5. adrsh2146

    Answered time

    If you mean which pokemon you can catch during day or night then I guess this can answer your question. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location If a Pokémon does not specify if it is found during the day or night, that means it can be found during both.
  6. adrsh2146

    General Pokemons that We Are Missing!

    I feel you both. Still haven't found any shadow Eevee
  7. Waddup Everyone! Been a long time on Forums. I just had 1 Question in my mind that does this ever happened to you that you want a Pokèmon badly and you're searching for it on maps from past a week now but I ain't able to find it! Like I am trying to find a but Alas! Comment Down if there's a Pokèmon that you're finding or that you found after a long time!
  8. adrsh2146

    Answered Remove exp

    Refer to this so you can make your exp perfect, it can't be lowered obviously but you can make it 2.5M or any exp that you like
  9. adrsh2146

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    I've tons of pokes uft, thanks
  10. What's poopin' everybody? :P


  11. adrsh2146

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    IGN - Adarsh2146 Fav Pokes - and Reason to win :- No specific reason, came back on forums after months so why not test our luck Thanks for the giveaways, Marry christmas!!
  12. Happy birthday... stu2pid idi2ot! <3 ::3:

    Happy Halloween, too!!!

    1. AlolanAdarsh


      Sorry for the late reply Thanks for the wishes

    2. unknown_citizen
  13. My account is hacked by someone so ignore the irrelevant meaaages

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    2. AlolanAdarsh
    3. v3567


      Oh did you multiclaim? Did you get one using your uncle's magical phone too?

    4. unknown_citizen


      @v3567, his uncle is the "Hacker" :ph34r:... Lmao

  14. 6 Days to go For My Birthday ;)

    1. v3567


      @eurstin was spot on. Comments deleted. RIP.