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  1. Not a joke, winner will be picked via name generator 24/2/18. More giveaways will follow soon prepare and from Dylan, Blue and Nash, Goodbye. We quit. Anyone can enter, yes even you Kaylum 17,968,041
  2. Title speaks for itself.
  3. Giveaway winner #2

    What's your Ign?

    1. eurstin


      eurstin. Thanks!

    2. bigb071


      i can offer shiny zapdos also

    3. bigb071
  4. Since I have now hit 200 mil exp on my shiny santapie, I have decided to do a giveaway. There will be 3 winners, and they will be announced sometime tomorrow. (06.08.17) To enter all you have to do is comment a number between 1 and 30. Prize Number 1 Prize Number 2 Prize Number 3