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  1. VEER1234

    Unanswered Unfollow

    Is there any way to unfollow anyone followed earlier in vortex
  2. VEER1234

    Contest Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving #1

    IGN:- VEER1234 Thanks for the giveaway
  3. VEER1234

    Giveaway Giveaway

  4. VEER1234

    Answered Form of Pokemons

    Can anyone tell me is there any speciality for the dark and shadow form of Pokemons like the others Such as, Shiny have high HP Metallic receives less damage Mystic scares the opponent Pokemon Please any one help me by telling this
  5. VEER1234

    Answered Point

    Can anyone tell me how to increase points of account as well as of the clan
  6. VEER1234

    Contest Kittykats Giveaway!

  7. VEER1234

    Answered Form of Pokemons

    Thanks buddy
  8. VEER1234

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: VEER1234 I don't have a single cosmog yet Pls give me one or two And thanks for thinking about other players too
  9. VEER1234

    Answered Account

    Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of donor account
  10. VEER1234

    Answered Crystal onix

    Will there be any crystal onix in future as it would be fun to use it