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  1. hi sir...one guy names blazerane in vortex v3 hacked my account the name is garfield-2.....pls help somehow took many pokemons of mine....pls help

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      It means you want to "hack" people. If possible.

    3. rishivojjala014-2


      i did not meant - i wish it was possible so that i can be a hacker and i wud be on the top
      i just meant that if such a hacking was possible - the that guy or me or u - wud be the top player
      i never meant "me" or you wud use that hacking thing :face_plam:
      there r other illegit ways like botting now - but even then i aint using them !

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Lol... I was just trolling you. xDxDxD

      I know how legit you are, m8. :D