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  1. Nothing comes up when I search his name on the member tab, and he is indeed banned as confirmed using Discord commands.
  2. IGN LankyYouth I am sad to see you go but respect your decision. Team Moonlit will continue in your legacy.
  3. What device do you play on? I noticed in your screenshots everything seems kind of squashed and out of proportion.

    1. Polaris


      Oh I play on a laptop :) 

      Sometimes I zoom out so I can press the buttons more easily so that might explain some of the squashing.

  4. neelupeelu from the clan SuperStrikers is an unwinnable clan battle, as every time you're matched up against his first Pokemon the only option is to "Continue" which sends you back to the Pokemon selection screen, only to repeat the process indefinitely. This makes it impossible to proceed with clan battles. His roster in the battle is listed as Metallic Unown (Q), Unown (A), Froakie, Espurr, ?, and ?, but in reality the ? is in the front because that's what is fought first. When you look up neelupeelu in the Members tab his first Pokemon is a Klefki with 0 Exp. There's also a mysterious Cubone which does have Exp but still appears to be glitched and doesn't show up in battle. Hopefully there's a way to resolve this, as that question mark makes for a pretty terrifying fight.
  5. Yes, catch lots of Pokemon that you haven't caught yet in the month (I used a note pad to track. If you caught them before the month you can catch them again and they will count towards your seasonal unique Pokemon count) and then train them up as soon as you get them using training accounts. For Pokemon that don't have an immunity, certain gyms with high level Pokemon can be helpful, I found Salon Maiden Anabel particularly useful. Evolve your new Pokemon for the month whenever you can so you can catch their base forms for another unique. It is a grind, but good luck and have fun! You can check your seasonal standing even if you aren't in the Top 100 by going to the Discord and typing !card <playername> for your account.
  6. Ah, thank you for the clarification! It seems the issue is on my end then, with my loyal laptop looming ever-closer to the date of its planned obsolescence.
  7. The past week I've found the game significantly slower and can't help but think it has to do with the return of the chat bar. It can be hidden now, but it still lags the game heavily by its existence. Perhaps there could be something in the options to toggle it off? It seems completely unnecessary given the PM system and Discord. Anyone else experiencing heavily increased lag of late?
  8. It is in the Alola region sidequests around the 1800-battle mark. As soon as you fight your first Crabrawler you should be there. Check the main Sidequest page and it will confirm which route you're on. From there you can evolve Crabrawler to Crabominable.
  9. There's some backstory to this. Punishment originally did in fact have a power of 200 along with a few other moves (Self-Destruct, Reversal, Trump Card, and Explosion which was 250), but this made the game a little too easy so all of these moves were nerfed to have 120 power. Unfortunately, the 200+ power is still displayed for these moves, but they are 120 power. Originally, you could one-shot even Shiny/Metallic/Level 120 Pokemon with no Dark resistances using Punishment with a Dark-type, so this was pretty overpowered. Explosion was even worse and did 417 base damage without same-type attack bonus, with the Dark uniques it did 520. The closest thing to these moves now are V-Create and Prismatic Laser. V-Create is a Fire move with 180 Power and 90% accuracy that is only available to Rayquazas (Mega) and Victinis that were around before their respective movesets were changed to omit it. You can still acquire either with V-Create through auctions or trades where V-Create will come standard on certain Victinis. Victini's is much more powerful than Rayquaza (Mega)'s due to same-type attack bonus meaning it will do 450 base damage and 562 on a Dark unique. Being able to miss is a bit of a drawback, but it's certainly worth it when considering you still get an average of 162 power, unlike Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold which all have an actual power of 300 but only 30% accuracy for an average of 90 power. Prismatic Laser is a Psychic move with 160 power available only to Necrozma on which it comes standard. Since Necrozma is Psychic, it always gets same-type attack bonus, which makes Prismatic Laser do exactly 400 base damage and 500 with Dark Necrozma. Unfortunately, Necrozma is classed as an Ultra Beast and is only available on one map, making it the hardest Pokemon in the game to catch, especially as a unique. Unlike V-Create, Prismatic Laser is 100% accurate, making it significantly better for training.
  10. Anyone else find it kind of amazing how popular Pokemon Vortex is in Peru? Their 12 members on the Global Leaderboard is second only to the United States' 19, and Peru's 16 players on the seasonal leaderboard is more than any other country. There're some really good ambassadors for the game there that have gotten the word out and inculcated a sense of community among Peruvian players I imagine. 

    1. unknown_citizen


      Yeahh. In addition I would say that Pókemon Go is very popular, too. My brother still plays it.

      btw I'm a Peruvian player B| 

  11. It's very likely the same guy as StopSlagginWithBans and PoleDancer2018. His names all appear to be jokes based on the country he signs up the account with, and he always quickly jumps to the top of the seasonal leaderboard with an account signed up in Jan 2018. It's frustrating, I really hope the guy doesn't end the season with accounts on the leaderboard, though the staff have been doing a good job of taking care of him each time though and hopefully as long as they keep it up that won't happen.
  12. Thanks for offering but not generally looking for Normal events, if you get ahold of a Mystic Rotom (Cut), Mystic Rotom (Spin) or a Mystic Ultra Beast (except Mystic Kartana) I'd do it for that.
  13. Diancie, Groudon, Kyogre, Latios/Latias, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, etc are part of evolutionary chains. No thanks, most Mystic Ultra Beasts go for a standard 4.5 million Pokedollars on Pokebay whereas unique donations are around 30 million as standard when they show up.
  14. For a Mystic Gen 7 Legend I can trade a unique Legend that is part of an evolutionary chain or 2 unique Legends that aren't. Porygon forms I'm still a little bit confused about how many are awarded/how many unique ones there are/how long they'll be available but I am interested in them and for now could offer a donation of your choice for a Mystic Porygon (Hammer/Shield/Sword) if you happen to find one.
  15. Not yet or any Gen 7 stuff in general, just getting back into the game.
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