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  1. Adamented

    Giveaway Fire-type 100 Team Giveaway

    Gh excuse me, sorry I didn't get to this earlier! Went on a trip for a couple daysss... Anyways, congratulations @surana57 !
  2. Adamented

    Clan Status

    Should be Open, thank you ^^
  3. What's your guys' best strategy for grinding Happiness? I know I need to fight 37-73 battles with the pokémon for 1 heart, I know how happiness works- I want to know the best way to mill through that process.
  4. Enter the Giveaway Here!
  5. To advertise my clan a little bit, have a Giveaway! About Everwinter A clan that centers around the game as well as writing and artwork, hoping to bring together a diverse community. For now it is a "closed" clan, so you'll have to request/ask to be invited (which I will gladly oblige) but once you're in the clan you can participate in more giveaways like this and other fun stuff! You do not need to request to join the clan to partake in the giveaway, but I'd really appreciate it if you even just check it out for a while What is the Prize? An entire team of Level 100 Fire-type Starters, as depicted below, including two unique. How do I enter? Well that's easy, just post your ign and pick a number! It's okay to pick the same number as someone, and I will be using a random generator so there is no bias. You have until August 23rd to enter.
  6. Adamented

    Fire Team Raffle

    [Fire Team Raffle] A site-wide raffle for a full team of Level 100 Fire-type Starters. Anyone can enter, it will be posted in the official forums (not clan forums) but I will also link it here so clan members can participate.
  7. Adamented

    Member's Roster

    Artist, Writer, or Gamer- as Long as You're a Trainer Leader Adamented <ign: Adamented> (discord: Adamented) Co-Leaders None Elitists None Novices None Members eurstin <ign: eurstin> (discord: Budew) (need to confirm) GodsWithin <ign: Pheonix_Lancing> (discord: God) Kaylum <ign: MaliciousMoonsault> (discord: Kaylum) Miichie <ign: Miichie) (discord: Miichie (◕ㅅ◕ )) Yajuns <ign: Yajuns> (discord: Yajuns) [Rank System]
  8. Adamented

    Links & Tools

    Artist, Writer, or Gamer- as Long as You're a Trainer If you have any suggestions of tools and links I should list here, please don't hesitate to post below! [Discord] You can check out our clan's discord here or the official Pokémon Vortex discord here. You might notice that there isn't a link for the Everwinter Discord yet. It exists, the link simply isn't here because it is not ready for public viewing, while I organize it and get it all set up for you guys. Soon(TM). [Useful Stuff] Type Chart Pokémon by Location Training Accounts Sidequest Guide
  9. Artist, Writer, or Gamer- as Long as You're a Trainer If you haven't yet read all the rules and requirements, please take the time to do so now. I will not summarize any of this for you, you must read all of it yourself. If it's not worth your effort to read something as simple as rules, it's not worth my effort to keep you around. I have higher priorities. [Requirements] [Rules & Rights]
  10. Exactly what it says. From reading anything I can on EXP trading on this site I have come to some theories, that your account's total EXP is the EXP of all your pokemon added up, but I don't know what that has to do with trading or if it's even correct. How do you know what EXP is legit? What is legit EXP? Assume I joined this game like, a week ago.
  11. Adamented

    Contest Shiny Terrakion Giveaway

    ign Adamented 54?
  12. Adamented

    Contest Metallic Legend Giveaway

    My ign is Adamented Goodluck everyone c: