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  1. Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

    ign: ege favorite rotom form: Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure if it is a bug but people can message other people while their messages off. Many people have sent me a message expecting a reply but it seems they are not aware they disabled their messages. I think it should be fixed because they will never realize that they cant receive messages.
  3. Idea Unique avatar count on profile

    Great idea! I was thinking the same.
  4. Answered seasonal rankings

    Hello, I wonder how unique pokemon count in seasonal leaderboards is calculated. Do I have to catch new pokemons in that month or putting up for trade/trading/releasing and then receiving that pokemon back counts? What happens if I own every common pokemon? Thanks
  5. Giveaway Snowman's Giveaway

    226-Ege. Thanks for the giveaway
  6. Giveaway SmartAss Giveaway

    Ign:Ege Something
  7. Events Quick Kyurem Trades

    I will offer as soon as the maintenance ends
  8. Events Quick Kyurem Trades

    Offered, but I didnt offer on 3rd kyurem because I want to keep some of my shiny arceus
  9. Events Quick Kyurem Trades

    No problem I accept all of them. Metallic kyurem and shadow reshiram are uft now .where should I offer arceus?
  10. Events Quick Kyurem Trades

    No thanks Sorry, I dont need metallic reshiram. About legends, yes you can pick any legend on my account, but I may reject if you pick too good No thanks, I dont need legends
  11. Events Quick Kyurem Trades

    Offered Deal, it is uft now. I like the first offer but I already have them. Sorry I don't want exp.