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  1. Uniques UNIQUE SHOP !

    If I happen to come across one, sure!
  2. Uniques UNIQUE SHOP !

    Hi, I don't think I can afford your shiny legends. As for your uniques, I am starting out and I can only do 1:1 as of the moment.
  3. Uniques UNIQUE SHOP !

    I still have some struggle training to 100 even with the help of the training accounts but I might consider that in the future.
  4. Uniques UNIQUE SHOP !

    Hi All I'm new to the game and I want to get shiny pokemon as much as possible So far I only have unique ones, but let's trade alright? My 1 unique pokemon to 1 of your shinies Here's my list : Metallic : Fennekin, Pansear, Spheal, Stantler, Vulpix Shadow: Aron, Cyndaquil, Luvdisc, Tauros Dark: Chespin, Deino, Ducklett, Magby, Ponyta, Trapinch Mystic: Bronzor, Cyndaquil, Larvitar, Litleo x2, Togepi, Vulpix My IGN is Ryan817 Fire Away!