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  1. hahaha seems like no one won the winner was late to claim the prize
  2. if u want to play v4 do the giveaway and start it from the beginning......
  3. you didn't reply when i was givingitaway ur late
  4. @MrColonif u dont have anything uft in ur trades the giveaway will be of someone's else
  5. everyone i said it to be next week friday but due to my exams i wasn't able to do so everyone thanks for takimg part!!!
  6. This is how u will take part in the giveaway : 1)Your favourite pokemon 2)ur ign! 3)choose a number from 1-100 this giveaway will end in :::: next week friday
  7. Ign=Laoboy thanks for the giveaway!! hope i win................
  8. feel bad ur leaving!! 1)Arceus ofc its the pokemon who created the world and the 1st legendary pokemon 2)Entei,Raikou and suicune 3)groudon , kyogre and rayquaza 4)Darkrai watched the movie so many times!!! 5)~37 thanks for the giveaway tho..... hope i win!! ^^
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