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  1. Seph_91

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Spend the entire day looking for a Mystic Pichu. Encountered everything but that.
  2. Seph_91

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Offering , ,,,, , , ,, , , for multiple or
  3. I just want a shiny Scatterbug so that when it's unlocked, I can get a shiny Fancy Vivilllon as reward for actually doing at least 1200 trades. Sadly I sooner get like 5 legendaries to appear before a variant of Scatterbug does and people trading Shiny Scatterbug are too picky. :(

    Personally I think this event is asking too much. An absurd amount of trades have to be done by everyone to even unlock all Vivillon. Then you have to do a lot of trades yourself to get access to them (this part is fair though, if only because of Wonder Trade). But then you also have to have all variants of Scatterbug twice to evolve them to said Vivillon, which kinda feels like a kick in the balls with how you have no control over that besides getting super lucky. :/

    1. Sneezeball


      you sure about that? there are 4 days left to reach million trades which is impossible

    2. Seph_91


      Says all the more that the event is asking too much.

  4. Seph_91

    Super Secret Event


    Are all events like this? How long has it been stalled now?
  5. There were no issue at first until suddenly maps stopped loading properly, with no known changes on my end, system-wise, settings-wise or with the extensions. Even disabling all extensions didn't change it. Opening the console with F12 however shows all these errors as if things are getting blocked for some reason. Maybe this will shed more light on this ongoing problem.