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  1. Seahawksnation

    Answered Recover my accounts

    Hey so I'm just trying to understand, you say your cousin used both in another account? You mean he used his own accounts and got banned? Or he used your accounts and got banned?
  2. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    Alright, I'll try my best to get done ASAP. Like I said you will have to be patient. I mainly train 200-300k a day. Sometimes I may not even get to. So just roughly estimating if I do at least 200k a day. That's about a month if you can wait that long...If so I got a poke uft on Gods_Not_Dead @unknown_citizen Hey I'm not going to do it. I put it uft...Sorry...Just thought about it and don't know why I'd even do this...Thought it was a great idea. But no... This thread is now closed due to laziness...
  3. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    I could do that. It may take awhile unless you want my sableye at 5.4 mil only got 600k to go. Unless you want it on a specific poke.
  4. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    How much would you want?
  5. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    Any and everything, it's why I didn't list. I don't care if I get doubles. Doubles mean I can either trade them for pokes I don't have or sell them in auction. But yeah I'm looking for everything. Just put in a offer, and see if I accept.
  6. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    I thought I said legendaries/events. But that's what I want. Or maybe uniques I don't have. Yeah but in return what would I get?
  7. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    I wanna start a thread that I'll train pokemon for you guys. I can estimate about 200-300k exp a day. Maybe more if I have extra time. I work an odd ball shift right now. So that's why I say 200-300k. Maybe not even that somedays. So you WILL HAVE TO BE PATIENT with me. If you wanna rush it. Just go do it your self. But I'm looking to maybe get legendaries/events. So according to 200-300k a day. If you want 8mil exp that'll maybe a month of training...So if you can wait that long then I'm good. If I get small jobs. I'll do them first. Specifically I'll train Ghost/Normal/Dark/Ground/Steel. Is what I prefer to train. I will do others, but the others may end up taking longer then others. If this thread dies it dies and sorry. But if I don't respond here message me in game. @ Gods_Not_Dead
  8. Seahawksnation

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN: Gods_Not_Dead I like the Newsboys band.
  9. Seahawksnation

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    LF: just five more. You can look on my team on Gods_Not_Dead for anything or what...Just make me a offer...
  10. Seahawksnation

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Gods_Not_Dead Favorite color: Matte Blue
  11. Seahawksnation

    Promo Code?

    So I bought the 12 mystery boxes, just curious with who, when, what do I get a promo code? Never done one before...
  12. Seahawksnation

    Answered New balls????

    What in the world are all these new balls for?!?!?! I'm lost...
  13. Seahawksnation


    Oh hi ya! It's me Gods_Not_Dead...That's super strange to why your account would've been deleted...Maybe because, of the heart it's not an actual name I don't know...
  14. Seahawksnation

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I got a Shiny Mewtwo (Mega X) What's your ign?
  15. Seahawksnation


    Favorite pokemon IGN: Gods_Not_Dead Number: 2