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  1. I have finally created the clan on Vortex V.4 in the Clans section. You can find it by searching for "Team Diving Lugias" in that area.
  2. System1500

    Discussion Where are you from?

    I live in Montreal of Canada
  3. System1500

    Anime / Manga Favorite Pokémon Movie?

    The movie is amazing, I can explain millions of reasons why it is my favourite. The movie was Lugia's first debut into the Pokemon series, and the theme of the movie was so amazing. Since I suck at explaining, here are some Lugia gifs from the movie.
  4. Is Hatsune Miku a option?
  5. System1500

    Pokémon Nuzlockes.

    I did one on Pokemon Red. I had a Charmander, which became a Charmeleon and then later on, a Charizard. Sadly the Nuzlocke ended in failure when Blaine's Arcanine fainted my only good party member, Charizard....
  6. System1500

    Art This is my artwork, pokemon fusions sprites!

    Do you think you could make a fusion of + for me? :3
  7. System1500

    Art How Do You Art?

    Style (Digital/Traditional/Both): Digital, though I used to do Traditional lots of years ago when I was into Sonic. I use Paint.Net to draw. How long have you been doing this? A lot of years ago, when I was into the Sonic series, up to the present. How did you learn? My mom passed on her Artistic genes to me when I was born. I am self taught. How frequently do you create art? Not as much as before, but if I get inspired by something, I make a drawing then. When was the last time you made a piece? Here was my last drawing. It is a crossover of Lugia in Megaman 1. If you want to see more of my drawings I make, you can find them on my DeviantArt account, here.
  8. If you don't know what Mega Maker is, it is a fanmade Mario Maker version of Megaman! It is freeware and you don't need to purchase it, only download it for free! The game lets you make your own levels with millions of stuff to utilize for level building! Inspired from the Construction Mode in Megaman Powered Up for PSP, Mega Maker is a new trendy game right now that lots of people stream it and/or make videos on it, playing peoples levels! Thats right! It has online features the game, which allows you to upload your level to the Mega Maker net, for others to play! You can also search for certain levels in online mode, or sort it from certain filters! You may post your levels here for everyone to see and maybe play it even! If you don't know how to post a level, all you need is your level ID which allows anyone to find your level easily! Tutorial: Still don't know how to? Here is a tutorial for you if you need help with finding your level ID or going online Mega Maker! At the menu, click "Play", and then "Online". It will ask you for your password, granted you already setup your account on Mega Maker, all you need to do is enter the password to continue. Once you get past that screen, you will see the following options; "Find Levels", "My Levels", and "Upload". If you already uploaded a level you made in the Build Area at the Main Menu, then all you need to do is go on "My Levels", and click on the one you want to show the ID for. Else, you need to make a level in the Build Menu, and then Upload it. This is what a level ID looks like: Now that you know how to find your Level ID's, you may go ahead and start posting your Levels in the comments below!
  9. System1500

    Discussion What is you favourite pokemon?

    &/ Lugia because he is my favorite Pokemon of all time. Do I need to explain more? Azelf/Shiny Azelf, because he is cool and I have recently took a liking to him. I am also shiny hunting for him in Diamond, and I am currently at 1'000 Soft Resets! Hopefully he shines sooner or later...
  10. Welcome to Topics! You are able to post anything here, whereas in Clan Forums, you may only post stuff related to Lugia or the Clan. You may post anything you desire in the Topics area as long as it follows the rules!
  11. System1500

    Mobile Post Your Pokémon GO Collection

    Current Trainer Level: 24 Pokedex: Caught: 171 Seen: 216 Eggs: 9 Team: Mystic Gyms Defeated: 9 Caught Pokemon:
  12. System1500

    Halloween 2017

  13. There has been a Discord server for awhile now, but I just didn't link it to here yet, so here you go fellow members!