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  1. I have finally created the clan on Vortex V.4 in the Clans section. You can find it by searching for "Team Diving Lugias" in that area.
  2. Welcome to Topics! You are able to post anything here, whereas in Clan Forums, you may only post stuff related to Lugia or the Clan. You may post anything you desire in the Topics area as long as it follows the rules!
  3. System1500

    Halloween 2017

  4. There has been a Discord server for awhile now, but I just didn't link it to here yet, so here you go fellow members! https://discord.gg/atVsCbj
  5. Hello there! You must of stumbled upon this clan! Like in the description, this clan is for those who love Lugia in Pokemon like no other! This is the first announcement in the clan, so I will put the rules here! 1. No flaming other fellow Lugia fans or else you will look like a Gary Oak. 2. No posting non lugia/clan related stuff in Clan Forums 3. No serious swearing. Swearing once in a while is alright if your using it in a sentence like "Fuck, I lost that Pokemon!", but like rule 1, no swearing to other members, and don't always swear. 4. No NSFW Content. That includes Pornographic Content, Violent Content and much more. 5. Do not request to be Moderator or higher. And there are all the rules! If you follow them, you should be ret-2-go start posting and making new friends!