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  1. Well I won a Bagon. Not great but exited as this is the first giveaway I participated in. Thanks it was a good giveaway
  2. Just keep it. There is no other way in my knowledge. Just tell people it's a Pokemon game so you kept your name after the Pokemon xyz series or whatever. I have in this game since three years. Let me tell you,the site is pretty safe and the community in pretty helpful. Welcome to the game
  3. Hope the best for you in your life. Thanks for the hugh giveaway
  4. Not only that but no longer obtainable in anyway except trade
  5. Thanks for informing and saving me from any potential scam from his side. Thanks alot.
  6. Is it still up for trade. I'll give a metallic ash grey ninja or an articuno
  7. Oh. Serves him right. Happy Everyone got justice. But how low you have to go to scam people in a game where there is no real life gain
  8. Who is Laven? Sorry to ask but I don't know. Have been playing this game for a year and never heard of him.
  9. Happy for you friend. I got Kartana. Which isn't bad but still not the ultrabeast I wanted. Atleast I am ahead of my cousins is what I say and am grateful for.
  10. Not only that. Any legendary is hard to get. Depends on luck. I got Type Null and Arceus within two days but I didn't get Tapu Lele or Lugia even after 2 weeks of continuous searching. In between it was easy to get and people were loosing value for legendary pokemon but now due to them getting harder to find people are showing them more value. I only got 1 Ultra beast as well in 7 months of continuous playing.
  11. I know this isn't a problem or glitch but I am having the worst time of my life. I am Searching for almost 2 weeks for hours and I didn't get even a single legendary pokemon. Especially Tapu Lele,I got all the Tapu pokemon but she is very stubborn,Not even one sighting in 2 weeks.Pray for me to get them please
  12. It seems my brother sold it without asking. Sorry for the trouble.
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