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  1. Giving away the following Rotom Rotom (Halloween) Rotom (Wash) Rotom (Freeze) Rotom (Spin) Rotom (Heat) Rotom (Cut) Say the words YES PLEASE your fav poke i pick winner on the 9th of december For example: YES PLEASE favorite pokemon:
  2. Yetinemo

    Giveaway Rotom giveaway

    The winner is... Angrybirds44444! Congrats GG
  3. In the wiki pokedex Bewear is in the A section not the B

    and I have a warning :sigh:

    also passed a 797:T_T:

    1. Patrick


      Change it then. The wiki is edited by the players, not me. I do help from time to time but it's the community's job to keep it up to date and correct.

    2. Yetinemo
  4. :T_T:I but 100 mystery boxes (I know, I have no life.) can there be a way to unlock all of your promo codes. And I know what your thinking, what if we want something still as a promo code, well then just package it and then unpack it and you just move on. Patrick please hear my cries, my fingers are going to be upset :T_T:

    thx in advance

  5. Do I need to ask if I can do a giveaway and if so can I ?

    sorry I have played this game for over a year and I'm still a noob.


    Shiny DragoniteShiny MachampCelebi

    1. Patrick


      You can do a giveaway whenever you like, there's no need to ask anyone, don't worry.

    2. Yetinemo
  6. This has happened to me a few times now. I bid on something over a million and before the time it should end, it vanishes, I look in the AH and it's not there, completely gone but my money it still here. Pls fix I like beast balls


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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      You were sniped. End of the story.

    3. Auke1993


      If you're a few hours from the UK timezone, then that may be what caused the confusion.
      Vortex server time is UK time, which affects times listed.

    4. Yetinemo
  7. Yetinemo

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    Yetinemo Purple
  8. Yetinemo

    General Name Rating? (Nicknames)

    My Metalic named Fluffy rate pls
  9. When will forums store be up so we can purchase things like beast balls also on mobile versions of vortex you cannot switch spots in your team I can show you screenshot if that would help. Thx BTW I love v4 

    - Yeti

    p.s. Thx in advance because having to change my team to switch order is annoying


    1. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      The store is already up like 5 hours ago? 

  10. Hey I just looked at my friends profile and it says he is 3,352rd in America                                                                                       __

    Why does it say rd and not nd for 3,352? Thx u r amazing and I love v4 so much 


    - yeti

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    2. Yetinemo


      Thx I appreciate it also I sometimes use my iPad for vortex and I cannot do anything in view edit my team rather than change my team

      u r amazing

      - yeti

    3. Patrick


      This should be fixed now :^_^: Sorry about the wait.

    4. Yetinemo
  11. Yetinemo


    Snorlax Ign: Yetinemo 99 thanks for the giveaway you rock!
  12. Is the vortex ball and the beast ball going to be in pokemart because master balls are not?

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    2. Yetinemo
    3. Yetinemo


      So where do we get them? I guess rather daily, sidequests, or something to do with Snorlaxor 446

    4. Davidkingetje


      Pokemon vortex v3 if maintenance

  13. Yetinemo

    Halloween 2017

    First ever event lol hope I get whatever the event is!