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  1. Personally I feel like the current trading system would be better if it allowed players to request multiple Pokemon from another user's trades when sending trades as well as offering them. Being able to search for Pokemon to offer would also be easier than scrolling through your whole box to find the ones you're looking for (ctrl + f doesn't work on mobile and would also count more results if the other user has the same Pokemon in their trades too). Maybe it could look a little like this? I also made a post on reintroducing ancient Pokemon as a variant which is much harder to obtain however is not included in the Pokedex (Pokemon which will not return to the game in future events or MBs after their initial release), which will bring back a big part of trading and the goal of obtaining the rarest Pokemon. You can see that post here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/16271-ancient-pokémon/
  2. They're supposed to be fangs, but yeah you might be right. I'll change those and see how it looks. What do you think of the horns?
  3. A few weeks ago after being told Pat said I should work on the idea I made a bulbaween sprite and was asked to see what you all think of the idea. I put a few images of one concept I came up with below. Don't roast me for the quality tho, I spent a few hours on a tired Saturday morning doing it and haven't got much experience either Say what you think of the idea and if/how I can improve the idea (maybe even come up with an event for it idk). I'll remake any good ideas and post them here as well
  4. In my opinion that first idea would take the skill/memory-related part out of the quiz and make it less fun and more frustrating. I do quite like the second idea but not as a replacement of the current quiz mechanics, maybe as an extra 5 questions following the normal 10 "Guess that Pokemon" questions though.
  5. WinnerOJD

    Run, Therian, run!


    Awesome, can't wait!
  6. until

    Thank you so much Patrick! I've had so much fun over all the years I've played this game! Lovely to see how it's standing in recent weeks!
  7. For the variant question you asked, like 50 of the same unique pokemon could possibly make a unique pink pokemon for example Shiny Rhydon (Pink) though it would take a bit of work to get the sprite to be say shadow at the same time as pink.
  8. Yeah, the colour is more distinguishable and I'd quite like to have them back in the game on the maps instead of Metallic if Patrick decides to do so. Good memories of collecting Ancient Pokémon back when they were around.
  9. Okay, but I think a lot of people will see that this is from you and not really take any notice... It may be terrible but your opinion doesn't mean much.
  10. They used to be my favourite variants, Metallics are now but I still prefer the look of Ancients. :-)
  11. I think that's a really good idea, I did consider the variants but I thought I'd leave that up to later if the ideas have any popularity. I'll be sure to add that to the list!
  12. Pink Pokémon are an additional variant of Pokémon which can currently only be seen within the Orange Islands region of Sidequests. At this point it seems pretty unlikely that they will be introduced as something obtainable by the players, but rather as something for the Staff of vortex (don't quote me on this but maybe something which will be awarded to staff for contributing following the future release of Arceus (Unknown)). Despite that, it's interesting to see what other people in the game think about this topic and merely something I thought I'd bring up to check out. Here are some idea's I came up with so far (I'll add any additional good ones I see in the comments): Possible reward for completing Sidequests - I was thinking maybe an additional item in the rewards which could be applied to a valid Pokémon which would convert it into the Pink variant when fused. Reward for fusing 100 of the same Pokémon - I think this could provide players who have a very high amount of Unique Pokémon (and are searching the maps for a few, rare missing ones) with a more purposeful and enjoyable experience as they could collect Pokémon they already have whilst searching in order to get Pink Pokémon. A chance of the player obtaining a random Pink Pokémon (or the staff members signature Pink Pokémon or something) when a player comes across them in Wonder Trade, however Wonder Trade is not yet a feature of Pokémon Vortex. Just a random event idea that I imagined with Pink Pokémon for some reason: A login claim event in which the user picks one of 3 Pokeballs. It then opens up and shows them the prize they won inside it, along with the prizes they could have won if they picked the other Pokeballs (or at least some other things to make them feel great/miserable if the rewards are predetermined :P), and there would be a small chance of it containing a Pink Pokémon when opened. There could be various in-game challenges for users to complete and earn more of these openings. Alternatively, this could be a longer-term feature and the featured Pink Pokémon could change monthly. ------ As with my forum post on Ancient Pokémon which you can see below, I don't think that these Pink Pokémon should act as part of the main dex should they be introduced, but rather as an extra part of the game or possibly in a separate "special-dex" or something like that.PLEASE COMMENT YOUR IDEAS AND WHAT YOU THINK!
  13. As many older players of the game may remember, back in v2 there was a different variant of pokemon called "Ancient", which were later changed to "Metallic" as the game progressed to v3. The variant acted the same as Metallic currently, but they had a unique, bronze appearance. Personally, I think that it would be a great addition to the game if these were brought back, but not as a variant which can be typically found on the maps outside of events. This is my thinking: With the recent Mystery Box update bringing with it a new rotation of event pokemon (changing monthly), the game has been changed quite significantly as far as trading goes. Along with making it a lot easier for players to expand and complete their dex, by reintroducing extremely rare pokemon such as Deoxys forms back into the game and increasing their numbers, it has also meant that rather than holding their value over time, events are becoming more and more common due to the opening of Mystery Boxes over time, and for someone who enjoys trading like me, it's made very difficult to trade up and gain profit (an aspect of Pokémon Vortex which I know a lot of people enjoyed). My idea is to introduce Ancient Pokémon as a type of event which does not appear in Mystery Boxes, but also as something which does not rerun like typical events so that Mystery Boxes will always remain a key part in obtaining events and keeping their numbers steady in the game. These Ancient pokemon will not be added as an additional variant in the pokedex, therefore not bringing pokedex collectors to a halt when they find themselves looking for the Ancient events, but more as something which brings back the trading-for-profit part of Pokémon Vortex. Of course if these Ancient pokemon were not rerun then it would make sense to make the events longer to allow enough to find themselves in the game, and then they will gradually become more valuable as time goes on throughout the game (which I think would work with the "ancient" theme when they're viewed as something from a long time ago by all who stick with the game to a time when they are extremely sought-after and valuable). This is just an idea I came up with today, but please leave an opinion on it!
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