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  1. The text message says "The attack had no effect" yet, they are paralyzed, but Fairy pokemon are inmune to Dragon, so, is it supposed to happen or it's a bug/error? thank you
  2. Meloetta Tornadus,Thundurus,Landorus(Cloud Trio) 31 Learn the move dragon ascent joselnvrro
  3. Fixed Pokemon Team

    I'm changing for example, a Raichu for a Beautifly to my team, but instead of the pokemon I selected, it puts the first pokemon on the list (Absol) someone's having this issue?
  4. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Joselnvrro Color: Black
  5. Resolved Masterball not auto catch

    Normal poke balls don't work with Ultra Beasts, including the master ball, you need a beast ball (i think it's the name of the ball)
  6. found a at night on grass map (that was so sad thought)
  7. Oricoro (sensu) on Ghost Map (Night)