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  1. metallic kartana for mystic one
  2. "eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend." highest exp: Dark Sableye (Mega 2 mil Ign: fire_fist_ace
  3. IGN: fire_fist_ace thanks for the giveaway
  4. hey can you do an exange offer from shadow mewtwo armor for ur shiny one
  5. ign: Fire_fist_ace Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackNot mewtwo
  6. done ign:fire_fist_ace thanks for the giveway
  7. hey bro i want your shiny mewtwo and shiny type null offering 1 mil exp and 4 uniques legends.
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2k18 heyaa folks, Announcing a giveaway. for those who are present in ingame clan , paste your IGN , Any number you could think of and your favourite pokemon. NUMBER RANGE: 1-100 PRIZE 1ST-its a shiny 2ND- 3RD-
  9. What's you IGN if you are in my clan . and give away is random , you can get anything not the ones you desire.
  10. IGN: fire_fist_ace Favourite song: staircase to heaven by Led Zeppelin
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