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  1. Hey, all. I'm running a mini exp shop where I train 100-500K experience on your Pokemon in exchange for various goodies like money, pokemon etc. Money Rates 100K exp - 300K cash 200K exp - 500K cash 300K exp - 700K Cash 400K exp - 900K Cash 500K exp - 1m Cash and so on and so forth. Current Jobs:- to 1m exp for Dav0 to 700k for Ikweetniet to 500k for Dhanush_Tanai I'm on Discord, too - my tag being Yousy#7777; DM me on there for a faster response. And for everyone in AW and AW2....
  2. Hey, I'll give you the Mew for your Dark Unown (H). The Mew is up for trade at IGN Yousy-RT if you wanted to offer
  3. IGN's Yousy-RT Favourite mons 3) 2) 1) Reason for winning :- No reason in particular lol, just figured I'd try my luck before christmas! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Christmas!!
  4. Hey. x2 for 6m on my ? Thanks, Yousy
  5. Yousy-RT's the IGN Sentence :- All these people using 'thanks for the giveaway' as their sentence really don't have much taste.
  6. Yeah, I can do that for a Dark. IGN's Yousy-RT; offer up.
  7. Yousy-RT

    Events Uniques

    I have a Norm Necrozma. Would you be willing to give the Slurpuff for it?
  8. I've got one. I'd do it for your Shiny Kyogre
  9. Yes I can do Tapus. Any in particular?
  10. Human I can offer one unique you do not have or a normal legend
  11. Your Shiny Dialga. How many uniques are you after for it?
  12. Grab me a and I’ll give ya 2 DPs.
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