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  1. Your Shiny Dialga. How many uniques are you after for it?
  2. Yousy-RT

    Events Demon Trade thread

    Grab me a and I’ll give ya 2 DPs.
  3. Yousy-RT

    Universal Tapus, UBs, DPs Exchanges by Vitol

    Your for my ?
  4. okay How much would you be looking to get?
  5. sold your way Donation and 10m money, perhaps?
  6. For the Volcanion? No. Let me think about that. Nah not really, it's norm so I'm not interested.
  7. My guy I have a norm fairy for ya. Am I right in saying you can do 15m? I'd like it on my please.
  8. Offer me. It's the only one in the game. Meta Pikamas Not after exp.
  9. Yousy-RT

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    @Johncsz12 How long?
  10. If they're unique, yes. No thanks. I can get higher.
  11. Yousy-RT

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    10m on (Free 4m and 6m for)
  12. Yousy-RT

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I can do 2 donations for both waters and a Donation for the Mystic Dex?
  13. Hey all, here we’ve listed all our events, donations and things worth value which we’d like to trade. We are mostly looking for other events, but we are open to negotiations (except Legends, we don't need them) Events - Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny Donations Misc If you wish to trade and want a fast response please DM me or Echo on discord - @Yousy#0209 and @Echo#615. We will respond to all messages here and on discord.
  14. Yousy-RT

    Universal Pokémon Experience Training

    I have the following; x2 x2 I have other things. View my IGN at EverestEvents for the rest. How many can you train for one of these?
  15. There isn't a point. Rotomdexes have a solid value for how rare they are. I'd quite like to see a rerun of the Deoxys forms - there isn't a single active Dark Deoxys (Attack). Two are on banned accounts and the last has been in a trade offer for over a year.