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  1. Yousy-RT

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    No, I mean when you responded to 'Chingki'.
  2. Yousy-RT

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hey. I’m interested in all of them, I can give give a Normal Rotomdex for the Deoxys (Speed). Would you be interested in a Shiny Fairy for your Shiny Ice?
  3. What are you after for the Kabuto set? As for the water, I’m Definetly interested. What would you like for it?
  4. Yousy-RT

    Experience Pokemon Exp and Happiness Shop

    Would you do 50 mil for a Shadow Togeween?
  5. Do you want another Rotom Form for your Metallic Aerodactyl?
  6. Yousy-RT

    Answered HELP

    Their rarity was increased with the release of V4. If you want some, there’s always PokéBay.
  7. Take your pick on EchoEvents. They’re UFT
  8. Yousy-RT

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    LF all Shiny Rotom Forms besides Spin. PM Me.
  9. So what do you want? I don’t need Zygarde cells.
  10. When I was talking about Uniques, I was talking about the Tyrantrum. Look where you are quoted. It depends what the fossil is. What Primal are you talking about?
  11. State your offers. Is it unique? If so, yeah. If not, no.
  12. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I have events amongst other things which I am willing to part with for decent offers. I am primarily looking for Unique Pikachu Cosplays (Preferably Shiny), a Mystic Arceus (Water) and all fossils. Events Donations Unique Legends Misc (Not events, legends or donations, available any time) Rare Mons