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  1. Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    Thank you! As it's your personal, enjoy the extra legendary
  2. Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    Shiny Dialga, please. In return, I’ll give you three unique leggies. Yousy-RT is my ign. (Surprise, Surprise)
  3. Experience Trading my Pokemons for exp.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s normal or not, it’s the exp you want, right?
  4. Uniques Trading various goodies.

    Right, so I’ll be trading the following and a variety of Legendary mons, I can also hunt ultra beasts and legendaries for a fee, (yes, I will be supplying the balls).
  5. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Also, for the , provided it isn't a banned OT, I can offer and .
  6. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    I’m interested in the and the . How much for each?
  7. Experience pokemon in exp

    What for the Cut?
  8. Giveaway Giveaway

  9. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    How much for the ?
  10. Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  11. Report box scam

    This person goes under the name of Mw_21 or Kirito_Kun on vortex. EchoCHALLENGE was scammed by the same person, and I believe he may also be laoboy. (Although when I asked him about this, he denied.)
  12. Game Count to 1 billion!

  13. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    As long as possible, depending on whether you're okay with it and all. I may also increase it if you wish.
  14. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    I'll train up 1.5 mill for you for the on any of your mons, if you'd like.
  15. Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    So wait, I can't get mine?