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    Answered Mega evolutions

    how do I get the other mega evolution stone now by drawing on pokebay? and why did you take the other options out of pokemarket?

    Have Pokemon starters been removed to find on the maps? I am 2 days trying to get them and I do not find any ...

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    2. Ocky




      Everything that appears on my screen that I do not have I get, I agree that it has to have a type of challenge, but it took me half a month to get almost all kinds of charmanders and look I spent hours playing, but now It's impossible to find a starter or any of them is easier to come a legendary haha, but okay the game is yours is only a bit annoying ta on the third day and not come 1 if you want. 

      thanks for listening

    3. Auke1993


      I've encountered multiple starters.
      They're rarer,yes.
      However, I'm fine with them being rarer. They're rarer than regular wild Pokémon in the main games too, so that part makes sense.

    4. Ocky



      whatever, I will not stop playing for it, I'm just a little annoyed not to have found any for a great period of time.