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  1. sorry guys in the last minute i thought about my zygarde i got it in wonder trade .So i like to keep my zygarde with me. So this contest is cancelled.
  2. Hi guys i am redchar, i don't like mechanism to battle against a computer which controlled a user , so i am having an idea, we can do a live battle with my idea. The mechanism of this idea is that an user should send request another user who is in online for a live battle , when the another user accept the request . the users can battle live. And we can also have computer battles for training accounts. Whoever like this mechanism comment "I like this" and whoever don't like this mechanism comment "I don't like this " and anything wrong in my mechanism a
  3. guys i had prepared the questions but each having one point
  4. Yes psychic type like abra , slow poke
  5. An important point the psychic pokemon should be level 30 or higher
  6. Hi guys this is a contest , the winner will get an level 48 zygarde (cell) which i had pu.So how to get this one. Coming sunday i will put 5 question with certain points for each about pokemons in monday i will choose the top 5 answers and do an lucky draw for them and i will announce the result on tuesday and the winner should offer an psychic pokemon for my zygarde and i will accept it.
  7. Which is the best pokemon? Which type is best? What do you don't like in a pokemon world? What pokemon did you like in kanto staters?
  8. Hey you seen the pkemon's 20th movie choose you.

  9. Hi Patrick I see that you told to pokepuffs mean my elder bro that you don't have friends but I am your friend only be friends forever and a other thing you will see buddyfight?


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    2. redchar


      Mister sneezball have you seen buddyfight hundred, triple ddd,x,call star fight or you seen ace

    3. Sneezeball


      I ve never heard of any of those things and already I can tell they are bad.

    4. eurstin


      Triple ddd sounds like a bra size. Can't be that bad :D 

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