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  1. redchar

    General Pokemons

    Which is the best pokemon? Which type is best? What do you don't like in a pokemon world? What pokemon did you like in kanto staters?
  2. Hey you seen the pkemon's 20th movie choose you.

  3. Hi Patrick I see that you told to pokepuffs mean my elder bro that you don't have friends but I am your friend only be friends forever and a other thing you will see buddyfight?


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    2. redchar


      Mister sneezball have you seen buddyfight hundred, triple ddd,x,call star fight or you seen ace

    3. Sneezeball


      I ve never heard of any of those things and already I can tell they are bad.

    4. eurstin


      Triple ddd sounds like a bra size. Can't be that bad :D