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  1. Events Events trade

    My &for ur OR + @chingki123
  2. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @xMasterKevz_07 yeah I have it But it worth 1.5M EXP So offer something else having around 700 K EXP along with urs &. Better all 700 K shud be in 1 poke or 2.
  3. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @Dharug sry not to inform earlier but the already has 180K EXP on it so The total would cost a little more . Offer something which has 200K EXP along with ur .
  4. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @Dharug I changed rates before that And was always 1.2 M so it never was aroumd 890K. Anyways, Thnx for offering buddy
  5. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @PokeMasterBarry3 This thread is for EXP, I'll trade if u have a poke having atleast 200K exp. I have written everything above pls check
  6. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @Dharug what u want worth 1.6 million EXP , and ur offering 876K only. Cant trade bro
  7. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    @dangerous1234 My mew and thundurus are up for trade. Offer IGN - PrayagRajRai
  8. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    Dialga and Mewtwo @dangerous1234 Choose what u want from the list.
  9. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    I Have Some Pokes For Trade & I Only Want EXP For Them. *THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR LEGENDS TRADE AND OFFER INCLUDING LEGENDS WITHOUT EXP IS NOT ACCEPTED. * Ping me when u offer something or PM me on Discord - Tony Stark or Message in vortex IGN- PrayagRajRai * Rates are negotiable only when EXP is with a legend or event. * I dont want EXP in parts , Offer shud have atleast 200K on 1 poke. NORMAL LEGENDS I HAVE FOR TRADE- UNIQUE LEGENDS I HAVE FOR TRADE- ALOLANS I HAVE FOR TRADE- OTHERS - RATES *I DONT LIKE BUGS SO OFFER SHOULD NOT BE IN A BUG TYPE POKE
  10. Contest My game and last grand giveaway

    No problem, Im happy that u are staying, cuz now u can host multiple giveaways .

    IGN-PrayagRajRai Ninetales (Alolan) 91 Thnx fir the giveaway
  12. Contest Contest to win a Shiny Giratina! (NOT ORIGIN)

    1. Ninetales (Alolan) 2. Dialga,Palkia,Giratina 3.7 4. Rayquaza has to learn Dragon Ascent 5. IGN-PrayagRajRai Thnx for the giveaway
  13. Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    IGN-PrayagRajRai Subscribed and liked. Thnx for the giveaway bro Discord- Tony Stark

    Arceus(Water) IGN- PrayagRajRai 007
  15. Giveaway Giveaway of shiny diglett christams

    IGN- PrayagRajRai. Thnx for the giveaway