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  1. kalippu

    Experience Marky's Training Center

    Can u train 2.5mil exp on my Mystic Kartana? I can offer u an unique rotom form.
  2. kalippu

    Error Ah! Snap Error.

    even i experienced it. Sometimes it happens
  3. kalippu

    Idea Lots of Ideas (with images!)

    Bro.....No words....Awesome
  4. kalippu

    Answered PokeDollars (Tax)

    I mentioned the real money in case of e-bay Not pokebay
  5. kalippu

    Answered PokeDollars (Tax)

    The real life e-bay requires real money. But this is something different..... The real money maybe used for developing there site! So whts the deal here with pokemoney?
  6. kalippu

    Answered PokeDollars (Tax)

    Hello Guys..... I just have a doubt.... Suppose i sell a pokemon for 3mil from auctions and someone buys it...... I only get 2,700,000 (10% tax) So i want to know where these money are going..... I guess that, this money is used to balance daily login prizes as some will get money as their login reward So is my guess correct? Or are there any different use by taking tax.....
  7. kalippu

    Resolved Auctions

    By the time we refresh the auction might be ended
  8. kalippu

    Answered Pokemon Vortex Admin

    Hmm it was there in v3... That battle feature is not available in v4 now.. Try to do all gyms and check your profile for a msg like this : "You ARE able to find legendary Pokémon currently. You have defeated all necessary gyms to find legendary Pokémon on the maps." If this msg is not coming then u might be missing a battle or a badge
  9. kalippu

    Resolved Auctions

    Hi guys, I have seen some of the auctions ending before the time which they should end... I have lost the sight of many auctions like that... Anyway i don't have screenshots and i guess it wont work here... Sometimes it end before a minute or seconds.. Its really annoying........ So i expect to fix this error as soon as possible..... Thnx
  10. kalippu

    Answered Clan

    Hi Guys, Months are over after the latest update of Vortex v4. So i have a question.......What do you mean by clan perks? Hmm till now i don't see any personal benefits for our vortex account staying in a clan other than making some good friends.... Only some top clans conduct events for their clan members... So i just want to know the actual benefit of being in a clan... Hope u guys answer
  11. kalippu

    Both Seasonal Porygon forms

    Its a Great Idea. I expect this will be worked out!!!
  12. kalippu

    Idea Seasonal Pokedex

    Yep Its a great idea
  13. kalippu

    Giveaway The CiTiZeN's Giveaway #3 (Deoxys Form)

    eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend Highest exp pokemon - 7,761,000 mil experience MY ign is Pokepikash2 Thanks for the giveaway
  14. kalippu

    Giveaway For The Beginners (Mega Giveaway)

    Ign-TheChampIzTheLegend Fling Thnx for the giveaway
  15. kalippu

    Giveaway Normal legendary giveaway