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    Answered sidequest prizes

    You can receive avatars, money and mega stones, but the big prizes are mostly the same (Master balls, fossils, orbs etc)
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    Idea Caught to Pokebay

    I like being able to put a pokemon up for trade after its been caught, but I don't like that it redirects you and doesn't give you the option to 'return to map'
  3. I've had 1 and 2 happen to me before. As for 3, I've never nicknamed a pokemon so I can say anything about that.
  4. Instagram

    Answered sidequest prizes

    The old prizes are still the same. For completing alolan sidequests you either receive (1,5 or 10) Beast Balls or 1 Ice stone.
  5. I understand that having these sprites https://pokemondb.net/sprites show up when viewing another trainer's pokemon page helps everything load faster, but I wish you had the option to view them like this also. https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/national The same type of option you have to your left when viewing your own pokemons (pokemon-vortex.com/your-pokemon/). I think this would be a good addition to the game and not make the view pokemons page look "old". I'm not the type of person to complain, but it's the only thing thats bugged me about the game since its release. The feeling you get by seeing bigger images of pokemons you have caught and own is amazing compared to viewing the sprites...
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    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN : Instagram Between black and Blue (Always been indecisive about that lol)
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    Charizard Instagram 11