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  1. How much can u train for shiny hoopa unbound , cubone vader , normal + shiny diance mega , shiny dugtrio Christmas + shadow pikachu xmas and normal kyurem white...... total 7 pokes... message me to my in game ign Y2
  2. I can do for cos but what u will pay for that.... I wont be here so message me in game ...ign Y2
  3. Ign: Y2 Didn't get anything from quiz but got a code by trading....
  4. My ign Y2 and favourite roto form is rotom cut...
  5. My is nicknamed as TheBlueWhale...and my as blaze and my garchomp as Creepy chopper ....
  6. The snover will go for 7.5 mil..... IGN : Y2.
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