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  1. no i don't mean to make it exactly like that of course and about the starters i am telling you i can find even ultra beasts more than them and the starters appear at a very high level like in 30s or 40s, even though when i am looking for pokemons in maps i can see people catching starters at 18 or 19 level but i haven't seen a single starter at that level since the update, is there any problem with the new update or my account?
  2. In v4 starters are even rarer than ultra beats kindly do something about that ? I used to play pokemon crater almost 10 years ago there wasn't anything like that back then.
  3. Hey guys i need to know how the beast ball works like does it work like a master ball works on legendary? Do i have to lower the HP of an ultra beast or should i just use it as i see an ultra beast? and my request to the creators kindly make some other ways to obtain beast balls its way too tiring to get that much money and then bid
  4. i have subscribed YOUTUBE: Shahrukh Farooq IGN: sshahrukh good luck for your chanel.
  5. can you tell me where can i get these 2 balls?
  6. I want to ask that can we catch an ultra beast with any other ball other than beast ball? i encountered 2 ultra beasts i even tried catching them with master ball but i couldn't
  7. i am experiencing this after the update and yeah they are extremely rare and on a higher level than before
  8. I can find legendary more than starters are they that rare?
  9. I have a problem since the game is updated to version 4 i-e i cant find any starter pokemon in maps no matter how long i search the maps, i have even tried for 5-6 hours still can't find any,can someone help me regarding this issue.Thank you!
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