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  1. Answered how to capture an ultra beast?

    can you tell me where can i get these 2 balls?
  2. I want to ask that can we catch an ultra beast with any other ball other than beast ball? i encountered 2 ultra beasts i even tried catching them with master ball but i couldn't
  3. Answered cant find starter pokemon

    i am experiencing this after the update and yeah they are extremely rare and on a higher level than before
  4. Answered cant find starter pokemon

    I can find legendary more than starters are they that rare?
  5. Answered cant find starter pokemon

    I have a problem since the game is updated to version 4 i-e i cant find any starter pokemon in maps no matter how long i search the maps, i have even tried for 5-6 hours still can't find any,can someone help me regarding this issue.Thank you!