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  1.  Hello. It's me again))) Sorry for disappearance. May I ask for your Vivillon evolution help during current weakend please? It would be great.

  2. jumpdafukupp

    Resolved Clan img

    Im Leader, did it and same thing Patrick... :\
  3. jumpdafukupp

    Resolved Clan img

    It is impossible to put an image in the clan, when I post the forum code and saved, nothing happens.
  4. jumpdafukupp

    Game Count to 1 billion!

  5. jumpdafukupp

    Discussion Pokebay and Trade Rates

    These prices make no sense bro, when a normal people will sell a Xmass Pika for 1,000.000 ?
  6. jumpdafukupp

    Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Already put a D. Sableye, and ill give you more 2mil on pokebay :}
  7. jumpdafukupp

    Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Shiny Combee (Female) jumpdafukup $$ thanks
  8. jumpdafukupp

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Tradding 3x
  9. jumpdafukupp

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    AUCTION GUYZ, GOOD LUCK! #0000134379
  10. Porygon (Hammer) AUCTION GUYZ, GOOD LUCK!



  11. jumpdafukupp

    Art signs with pokes

    Nice job, but can be better !!
  12. jumpdafukupp

    Contest The nickname game!

    - DaBigBaby
  13. jumpdafukupp

    Discussion How many Arceus ice u caught

    only nothing
  14. jumpdafukupp


    really ? i never seen it... where i can find ?
  15. jumpdafukupp

    Answered vortex store mystery box

    Probably he is in your inventory