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  1.  Hello. It's me again))) Sorry for disappearance. May I ask for your Vivillon evolution help during current weakend please? It would be great.

  2. jumpdafukupp

    Resolved Clan img

    Im Leader, did it and same thing Patrick... :\
  3. jumpdafukupp

    Resolved Clan img

    It is impossible to put an image in the clan, when I post the forum code and saved, nothing happens.
  4. jumpdafukupp

    Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Already put a D. Sableye, and ill give you more 2mil on pokebay :}
  5. jumpdafukupp

    Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Shiny Combee (Female) jumpdafukup $$ thanks
  6. jumpdafukupp

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Tradding 3x
  7. jumpdafukupp

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    AUCTION GUYZ, GOOD LUCK! #0000134379
  8. Porygon (Hammer) AUCTION GUYZ, GOOD LUCK!



  9. jumpdafukupp

    Contest The nickname game!

    - DaBigBaby
  10. jumpdafukupp


    really ? i never seen it... where i can find ?
  11. jumpdafukupp

    Answered vortex store mystery box

    Probably he is in your inventory
  12. jumpdafukupp

    Discussão CHAT BR - Dúvidas, Idéias e Discussão

    Entrei lá
  13. jumpdafukupp


    I would like to give you an idea for the choice of Pokémon .. There should be the option to choose by type, EX: tabs separating electric, aquatic etc ... would help a lot in the matter of practicality and for those who like to train one type at a time would be very good, because there would be no need to search one by one names. Hope that the possibility will be!! Thanks.
  14. jumpdafukupp

    Answered Tapu Forms Rates

    Did anyone know the spawn rates of tapu´s ?