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  1. what does everyone want for christmas

  2. @Patrick can you please let me on discord i need to get a few things and cant because sportsandmusic69 decides every time im on to kick me please let me on

    1. sportsandmusic69


      You’d be allowed onto Discord if you knew how to behave, that includes for example calling other members nasty names. But you don’t know how to behave. Play the victim all you want, you only have yourself to blame. Step one would be to stop blaming me for banning you for your terrible behavior.

  3. kingtyger2011

    Answered Vivillons Doubt

    pokeball and fancy are events others are assigned to accounts
  4. kingtyger2011

    Report Hacker

    not a hacker if the game glitches it will stick u in the trees
  5. anyone know when the magnetic field starts in the sidequest

  6. i never harrassed u mr vendetta

  7. i wanna know why i was banned from chat when i didnt do anything wrong oh wait this had to be one person sportsandmusic69 im sick of this i didnt do nothing wrong and u intend to ban me any ways you suck for a moderator i was behaving and u still banned me i hate you for all your worth you suck just because you hate me doesnt mean you have to ban me every time u see me i want my case reviewed @Patrick

  8. I have an idea if its ok to put it here i am currently doing happiness training on a Dark Bunearyand i was wondering some time in the future if you would put a happiness point counter in place it would show [001] or [002] depending on the points per battle and it would go to the max happiness of [225] i know it shows in hearts but some times it takes me training a Pokemon to 385,000 or 450,000 some have taken me 500,000 before i got all 4 hearts can this please be considered?

  9. doing happiness training pm me for a price

  10. trading 10 pages they need to go offer on silverstar2202 looking for pokemon i need or dont have any of do not offer something i dont need

  11. if your on discord please use trade for trading pokemon on pokemon vortex not other bs

    1. v3567


      My "on discord" what?

  12. @patrick can you please tell hunterfried02 to please turn on his in game chat so i can answer his messages please


  13. Hi @Patrick hope your having a good day

    1. v3567


      His having a good day what?

  14. If your part of ace of spades you need to get your 5-10 battles done or be kicked

    1. v3567


      Their part of ace of spades' what?

  15. :x im looking for a litten message me with what you may want for it