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  1. BonelessCow

    Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    WINNERS HAVE BEEN PICKED OUT: Thanks for participating :))
  2. BonelessCow

    Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    why don't you enter? you could win something nice
  3. Hello Everyone, I have just started a youtube channel, and as a gift to all the new subscribers, i will be hosting a giveaway. So here's the link: Good Luck to all enteries.
  4. BonelessCow

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: BonelessCow Colour: Blue Thanks for the opportunity
  5. BonelessCow

    Resolved "Back To Gyms"

    Hello, so when i finish battling someone from the "Battle Facilities", at the end it shows "Back to Gyms", which i'm assuming is a mistake??? Screenshot: (after battling someone from the "Battle Facilities") thanks for your time
  6. BonelessCow

    Answered How to get a arceus unknown

    Yep, you cannot obtain one anymore by searching/events. The only way to get it is to bid on them, or trade them