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  1. Discussion Enabling Messages

    Click on the message on top of your screen or click your account click on message and type your willing account in which you wanted to trade your pokemon that all and send it
  2. Universal Trade for what im looking for...

    Those are unobtainable events and they incredibly rare .
  3. Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

  4. Giveaway Mystery Giveaway!

  5. Giveaway Bird Pokemon Giveaway!

    ign: arcuesrahul 11
  6. Giveaway Giveaway

  7. Giveaway Major GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    Ign:arcuesrahul Done bro
  8. U can get legendary by finishing gyms and battle frontier and maison
  9. Giveaway Quick Giveaway (Ended)

    Ign:arcuesrahul Number:11
  10. Answered Is arceus water event valuable than arceus ice

    Is dark arceus ice also rare than normal arceus water pls reply
  11. Can any one say me is shadow arceus ice more valuable or normal arceus water valuable pls tell me bro
  12. Discussion sidequests

    i had finished my kalos sidequests but did not got my reward for that can anyone clarify my doubt it showed me only an error had occured
  13. I have doubt guys can I trade my shadow arceus ice and dark arceus ice for shadow arceus fairy can anyone clear my doubt is it worthy
  14. Answered How to get a arceus unknown

    Where and when was the event of arceus unknown