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  1. Yeah, don't think i'll be creating another account on this game if I can't even appeal my ban. Thanks for the replies anyways
  2. I was a long time player of this game, even was top of the leaderboard in my country at some point, until someone entered my account and got me banned from hacking/botting. I haven't played for about a year and it really pains me to create a new account after all the effort I put into the one I had. I haven't posted here earlier because bans were said to be permanent but I wanted to appeal the decision and see if I could get back into playing this game IGN: mastertall3 Thanks for your time
  3. Hey everyone, So I was just about to login to Pokemon Vortex and I got the message that I had been banned. I'm a long time player, number 351 in the world (Last time I checked) and I have never used any types of cheats or Third party programs. I rarely login to Vortex these days, only occasionally when I remind myself. Is there any way this could have been a bug or did something really happen and I possibly got hacked and banned? If so, is there anyway to undo this? Thanks for the response in advance
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