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  1. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    I've traded alot of Alolan Pokemons to people for shiny legends, unique scatterbugs/vivillions, even an event here and there for bulk trades so, not really a scam. If they were so common and "easy to get" why won't everyone go finish 1900 sidequest battles and get them? I'm just here cause i did all those battles and trade the Alolan Pokemons to make it easier for those people that don't want to do the sidequests.
  2. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    Send me your offer in PM. Which sets you need?
  3. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    Yeah offer me those on the geodude alolan or the marowak alolan.
  4. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

  5. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    For the normal marowak alolan or geodude alolan i accept 4 shinies i don't have already or 2 unique scatterbugs, pm me.
  6. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    They aren't really random nor common as the pokedex states unique alolan forms are pretty rare (54 shiny sandshrew alolan for example) in whole pokemon vortex. But i see where you're coming from but, all i collect are shiny's.
  7. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    Time to hunt some Alolan Forms just for you! List of the Alolan's i currently have for trade: Rattata (Alolan): Meowth (Alolan): Grimer (Alolan): Marowak (Alolan): Exeggutor (Alolan): Digglet (Alolan): Geodude (Alolan): Sandshrew (Alolan): Vulpix (Alolan): Jobs: What i'm looking for: - Shiny Legendary's - Shiny Dps Pokemon - Shiny Cosplays - Shiny Event Pokemon - Unique Scatterbugs (preferably shiny) If you want me to hunt some Alolan Pokemon for you that i don't have listed here: Just Pm me which Alolan Pokemon you want and we can negotiate a price. If you want me to train a desired Alolan Pokemon to a specific number of exp: Just Pm me which Alolan Pokemon you want trained and the amount of exp and we can negotiate a price.
  8. Answered Ice Stones

    Thank you!
  9. Answered Ice Stones

    Hey ya'll! Anybody know where to get Ice Stones?