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  1. Hello guys, I am starting a level 6 immunity shop. All the pokemons have damge 30+ RATES ARE VERY SIMPLE. PER POKEMON 65-70k POKE DOLLAR (I know the price is high but you will get the best service.) If you want to give some other pokemons in exchange of immunity pokemon the dm me, we will discuss. INTERESTED IN UNIQUE EVENTS. (IF GIVING POKEMON) game ign-: badman99 discord tag-: VortexBot#2366
  2. Hello @Patrick @flamescape @Tyheamma I have been scammed by Nebrets. He said that he will train my shiny zygarde to 5 mil and took 7 mil and a volcanion. then he transffered all of them to other account. Now there are no pokemon in his account. Please check the transaction of where he did send the pokemon and money and try to get it back fast. You can also check the servers if he has made new account on same server. My ign - badman99 scammer's ign- Nebrets I checked my volcanion's id.(0022526113) his (scammer)new id is -- PostMalone (am not able to send screensh
  3. True. This things should also be for players account. When which Pokemon caught. When traded,etc etc. But clan idea is good.
  4. ign- badman99 one cosmog won till now
  5. ok bro. offered on ur ign. bid on pokeball in my auction.
  6. This topic is again started. Fill me with offers
  7. i must be having around 300 immunes. tell me what will u give?
  8. 1 cosmog won till now. ign-: badman99 Thanks for the giveaway.
  9. Hey Guys i am selling (maybe trading) -:Mystic arceus (dark) -:metallic scrafty (ackbar) promo code -: mystic scrafty (ackbar) promo code -:shiny scrafty (ackbar) promo code LF mystery boxes or pokemon dollars. In very rare case unique events. you can message me here or in game or in discord. Game ign -: badman99 discord ign-: slayer#2366
  10. At least accept the other half and pay according to that . I am in need of money. Please. At least 120 are immune.
  11. 3 or 4 might be there. but i offered all. you can check and bid on my pokeball
  12. Give 11 and I will give 225 Pokemons. Instant transfer. No questions asked. Full money back guarantee.
  13. Hey everyone, @Patrick@Sneezeball@sportsandmusic69 etc etc since the start of v4 it is showing that there would be wonder trade, saved team and achievements. But these did not came till now. Is this a problem in my server or they have not been released. If so when would be they released?
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