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  1. Hey Guys i am selling (maybe trading) -:Mystic arceus (dark) -:metallic scrafty (ackbar) promo code -: mystic scrafty (ackbar) promo code -:shiny scrafty (ackbar) promo code LF mystery boxes or pokemon dollars. In very rare case unique events. you can message me here or in game or in discord. Game ign -: badman99 discord ign-: slayer#2366
  2. At least accept the other half and pay according to that . I am in need of money. Please. At least 120 are immune.
  3. 3 or 4 might be there. but i offered all. you can check and bid on my pokeball
  4. Give 11 and I will give 225 Pokemons. Instant transfer. No questions asked. Full money back guarantee.
  5. Hey everyone, @Patrick@Sneezeball@sportsandmusic69 etc etc since the start of v4 it is showing that there would be wonder trade, saved team and achievements. But these did not came till now. Is this a problem in my server or they have not been released. If so when would be they released?
  6. i dont need pikachu form. i can buy them need some other event
  7. nah. you get promo code for 500k. pokemon are worth less you can go and check
  8. how many immunes for each pikachu form?
  9. Hey guys, I have 200 immunity Pokemons and is willing to give them away. I have 72 Pokemons of level 5 and rest of level 6. Tell me how many you want and what's your offer. PREFERENCE Interested in rare events. Prefer shinys. Pd will also work. ps-: if you want then you can buy all of them.
  10. you can use -: Normal_Unit // Murr as ditto is normal type
  11. I have two accounts and want to sell one of the accounts for some pd to other players permanently. Can i do so?
  12. Hello @Patrick This game is best online rpg in pokemon series. I have been on this game from a long time. But as i have seen the number of players have declined. It can be because not everyone wants to open a game online. They want a app on which they can get notifications and play. App makes it easy to use and play. If the app will be available i know that number of players would increase. I know its tough but its just an idea.
  13. people think it is scam go and ask any one person whom i have scammed. if you find even one then i will leave the game. and as you can see i have never be replying to this topic cause i do not know how to close it
  14. i want 10 slots. game ign- badman99 discord - slayer#2366
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