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  1. Bro in v3 there was no such thing as auctions. That's why people played this game even more to attain legys
  2. And why is supply a lot? Because new player want them.
  3. The winner is Chris. Congratulations Chris put a pokemon on trade and tell me I will offer the pokemons
  4. Not got the right answer till now.
  5. Hey guys. Today is diwali in India. So happy diwali to all of you. As i am not a very rich player I won't be able to give event pokes. But the prize is a mettalic mewtwo mega y and 1 million experience. All you have to do is just choose a no between 1 and 100 and post it, also you ign. This contest will run until and unless the winner is found. You can post only once a day. Thank you.
  6. badman99

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    At last completed this event with the help of anastasia2017
  7. I can give arceus forms like electric, water. How much will you train for them?
  8. This is a very good game. I am not able to play it a lot but i am an old player. I think that there should be a helper in auction telling what should be the price of the pokemon you are selling. It helps a lot. Cause I die thinking what should be its real price.
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