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  1. On Pokemon Location Guide page, it says Jangmo-o is common. I don't mean to be rude but that is so a lie. I spent a lot of time searching for jangmo-o . I did find one but I accidentally moved on. My bad luck. I think it was level 44 and that is just too much. Starter rarity are way to low too. They don't appear as often as they used to. I did encounter a Froakie and catch it too but its level was 44. That is again too much. It would already be a Greninja with that level.Same with Jangmo-o, with level 44 , it would already be one level before evolving into Kommo-o. I do not like the fact that you made regular pokemon's level to the level they would already be or near to their final evolution. Also ,like those high leveled pokemon that you encounter rarely , that rarity being put onto regular pokemon like jangmo-o. My point is lower down the level of normal pkmn, ones you would be expecting train hard for its evolution like jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc.AND Increase the encounter rate of those pokemon like Jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc. I so want it. Please pokemon vortex. Please
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