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  1. Captainboom

    Answered Suicune's sprite is bugged?

    Suicune's normal sprite is bugged and doesn't show up for me? anyone else having this? is there a fix?
  2. Captainboom

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for, Preferably in a Poke ball. My offer is or+ 2,000,000 exp or 5,000,000 pd IGN: Captainboom
  3. Ive been searching on the ice map for many hours now and havent seen a single unown 0. Ive even caught 2 ultra beasts and like 17 legendaries in the process. Are they rarer than ultra beasts?
  4. Captainboom

    Answered How to even out experience?

    Never mind i found a guide. Sorry for wasting everyones time
  5. Captainboom

    Answered How to even out experience?

    Ive seen pokemon with exact amounts of exp. How do I achieve this?
  6. Captainboom

    Answered Multiple accounts for sidequests?

    Thanks a bunch! I know we can have multiple accounts, i just wasnt sure if it was considered exploiting to use them for the sidequest evos
  7. Is it allowed to have a couple of other accounts for the sidequest related evolutions? Like can i have an account that i can transfer the magnetic field pokemon or Crabrawler just to evolve them?
  8. Just curious. and does anyone have a list of which pokemon are exclusive to day or night? Thanks!
  9. Captainboom

    Answered Sidequest related evolution

    Sorry for the late reply, but the magnetic field evolutions are available on sidequests 1176 1177 1178 1179 1421 1422 1423 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1587 1588 1589 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 and 1859 As for Crabrawler, It can evolve on sidequests 1813 and 1814
  10. Captainboom

    Answered Wimpod?

    No problem! I'm glad to help! Yeah the wiki kinda needs to be updated haha
  11. Captainboom

    Answered Wimpod?

    The beach part does count as well as the water, its basically just an aesthetic difference like how you can encounter Sandygast in the water and beach portions. As for what time, i'm not entirely sure but i believe it's any time.
  12. Captainboom

    Answered Wimpod?

    The wiki is wrong, its actually a rare Pokemon. Hope this helps!
  13. Captainboom

    Universal Need Unique Arceus (ice)

    Types I need: Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Dark What i can offer: Aggron(1 mil exp)x1 Shiny Suicunex1 Normal Guzzlordx1 Normal Arceus(Ice)x4 Dark Sandshrew(alolan)x6 Metallic Exeggutor(alolan)X2 Metallic Vulpix(alolan)x5 Shadow Sandshrew(alolan)x3 Shadow Vulpix(alolan)x6 Shiny Sandshrew(alolan)x3 Shiny Vulpix(alolan)x15 Normal Rotom(cut)x1 Normal Rotom(frost)x2 Normal Rotom(wash)x1 Normal Lugiax4 Normal Articunox2 Normal Dianciex2 Normal Type-Nullx1 I will also do EXP training and Friendship Training! And various other pokemon. Basically if i have dupes i WILL trade pls help! IGN:Captainboom
  14. I just want to know how long i can get Arceus (ice)