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  1. Giveaway Rotom giveaway

    Congrats Angrybirds44444
  2. Art God's Signature Wall

    Awesome, Thank you.
  3. Art God's Signature Wall

    Render (Link one or name of the character) : Darkrai Text: DarkX13 Subtext: Shadow of Dark Please thanks, I need signature picture in this forum.
  4. Mobile What Mobile-Android or iOS Game Do You Play?

    iOS: iPhone App Pokemon Go That's all I had one app. I only play enjoy racing and pokemon game.
  5. Pokémon What is your favorite game of Pokemon?

    Black (DS), Y(3DS), Omega Ruby(3DS), and Sun(3DS) are my favorite pokemon game but when I was a kid to play yellow gameboy a long time. I never used play Pokemon games because busy due college now finally I got DS and 3DS but I dislike DS. I still had 3DS for Ultra Moon, Moon, Y, and Omega Ruby. I will play Ultra Moon this weekend.
  6. Giveaway Rotom giveaway

    YES PLEASE My favorite is
  7. Pokémon What are your favorite pokemons?

    Charizard X, Darkrai, Black Kyurem,
  8. Giveaway Genesect Give a way!

    IGN: DarkX13 Favorite Dragon: Black Kyurem