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  1. Will u give me SOLGALEO?

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    2. kingtyger2011


      probably a magikarp lol

    3. nsd2003


      Whichever pokemon u want waybig i will give u

    4. waybig


      which ones do u hv @kingtyger2011 sorry 4 late reply. EXAM

  2. Patrick please reply to my message.

  3. Patrick i am sorry for spamming on discord and I was banned for it plz forgive me and plz get me unbanned

  4. Administrator no spam means? Please tell me what should I do.

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    2. nsd2003


      But when I was banned was Patrick online. I had spammed many times before also.


    3. nsd2003


      How can I ask Patrick to unban me?

    4. Yetinemo


      Ask him on the forums? I mean where else?

  5. Administrator i was banned from discord because I typed !nextquiz continuously what should I do now

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    2. nsd2003


      I don't think I will ever get my own cosmog

    3. kingtyger2011


      what ever helps u sleep in the day time kiddo and i have adhd so if u feel like correcting me make sure your my parent first before u correct me or judge me mr macho

    4. sportsandmusic69


      Lol ok little kid. You can keep ranting all you want or not, don't care. Act like a brat or not, don't care. :) I don't even care if you respond to this or not, it'll get ignored as I have better things to do than to little to children rant.